Stranger at the Door...

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    Red hot coals in my eyes,
    Under moonlight streaked skies,
    Being what I have always been,
    The side of me you never see...

    Walking barefoot on broken glass and virgin snow,
    A thousand steps I've taken, now ten-thousand to go,
    I bleed my life's blood onto these pages,
    The beast inside me writhes and rages...

    All of my hate, all of my pain,
    Everything to lose, nothing to gain,
    It's all I can do to keep myself sane, in this time of need,
    I am the last of my kind, the last of a dead and dying breed...

    Stone-faced, staring the end in the eye,
    If I don't let it all out somehow I'ma die,
    These whitewashed walls won't hold me now,
    I will scream so loud that you'll hear me somehow...

    These wrought iron bars are wearing thin,
    Now, just waiting on my life to begin,
    I only came to visit, but now I'm here to stay,
    Encircle my heart like so many hungry birds of prey...

    Take you to new heights, places you've never seen,
    Drag you down, underneath the waves, is what I mean,
    Down into the black, up into the the bright,
    I'm losing this, but gaining a new light...