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    Had to write it for some school contest.

    The sky was dark over the city of Deepport. Thick, billowy clouds flew through the air, obscuring any light given off by the moon. The tall city walls stood like somber sentinels in the night. There was a light wind blowing, and with it came the scents of the city; Fish treachery, power, and greed. Hardly any noise came from the sleeping metropolis, except laughter from the various taverns situated throughout the city.
    The two figures standing at the end of one of the many docks of the city stood silently, looking to the east, out to sea. One was male, the other female.
    The male figure spoke, “Now, I’ll go in through the front door, you scale the wall and find an entrance on a higher story, preferably the roof. We’ll rendezvous in the middle. Understood?”
    The female nodded, “Sounds fine. But how do you plan on marching through the front door?”
    The male spoke again. “The guards in this city are nothing. They’re farm boys and Militiamen, all of them, cowering behind big boy armor. All bark no bite. I imagine most of ‘em will run when they see me.”
    “And what if they do bite?” the female asked, a hint of amusement in her voice.
    The male turned to face her and grinned. The wind blew the clouds away from the moon, bathing the end of the pier in silver light, which gleamed off his pearly white fangs. “I’ll bite back,” the vampire replied.
    The female grinned also, but she had no fangs to display. “Let’s go,” she said.
    About an hour later, the pair stood in a cluttered alley adjacent to the Deepport Armory. The female held a small torch in her hand. She had long brown hair, which was worn in a ponytail. Her green shirt was torn off at the sleeves, and her tan pants and brown leather boots had seen a large amount of use. She had two daggers at her belt, along with various tools.
    The male grunted. “Take it easy with the torch, Emma.”
    Emma frowned, apologetic. “Sorry Iyce,” she said as she dipped the torch into a nearby rain barrel. There was a hiss, and everything went dark.
    Iyce waved his hand. “It’s fine. Now listen. If we’re going to rob this armory, we have to do it right. You remember what to do correct?”
    Emma nodded.
    “Ok then. Go around and scale the wall. Be careful.”
    Emma nodded again. “Alright, see you in a little while.” She then slunk off through Deepport’s dark alleyways, leaving the dark figure of Iyce with nothing but a rain barrel for company.
    Emma arrived at the back of the armory. She tilted her head back and looked up at the tall building. She did a quick stretch, then tucked her bangs behind her left ear and began to climb. The wall was rich with hand holds, which made for an easy going.
    About halfway up the wall, Emma froze. Looking down, she could make out some faint torchlight. The sound of chainmail clinking on cobblestone told her it was a passing patrol. She pressed herself flat against the wall, eyes closed. After what felt like an eternity, the sounds faded, and she continued her ascent. About ten minutes later, she poked her head over the roof’s edge and looked around. She smirked at what she saw. Only two guards patrolled the perimeter of the roof. In the middle of the area was a small trap door, which Emma assumed to be an entrance.
    She heaved herself over the balustrade, and snuck up behind a guard, who had just passed her hiding spot, and was now facing the direction where Iyce was still hiding. “Excuse me sir,” Emma said sweetly.
    The guard whirled around a caught a right hook to the nose. Emma followed up with a swift kick to the head. The guard fell to the ground, unconscious. The second patrolman heard the commotion, and, seeing Emma kick his comrade viciously, drew his sword and charged. Emma turned toward the guard, and charged herself. The guard swung his blade horizontally at Emma’s head, but she slid through the man’s legs, bring up her heel into his groin as she stood. Another swift blow to the head, and both guards were out of the way.
    Dusting herself off, Emma approached the trap door and gave it a tug. It swung open. Emma dropped down into the armory, and began her way down.
    Forty minutes later, Iyce stood up. It was time to begin. He raised the hood on his cloak so that it covered his face. He then stepped onto the street, walked around the corner, and approached the four guards standing watch at the armory door.
    One of the guards, a large man with an orange beard, looked up at Iyce.” Stop!” he shouted. Iyce kept walking. He strode up the steps leading to the front door, and stopped in front of the guards. He brought his hands up, and threw back his hood. His black cloak fluttered in the breeze. The light from the guards’ torches glittered in his red eyes. Iyce wore black pants and boots, and a dark red shirt. He drew the longsword he carried at his hip, bared his fangs, and hissed.
    One guard, a very young man, took one look at Iyce, and without a word, dashed into the night. The remaining guards drew their blades. The man with the orange beard charged. Iyce jumped back down the stairs, blade held at the ready. He parried the bearded man’s strike with one hand, and spun around in a circle, catching the second guard in the chest with his sword. The guard’s mail was weak. Iyce blocked the third guard’s vertical slice, and then slid around him, quickly hacking at the guard’s back. With two of his comrades on the ground, the bearded man turned and fled. Iyce shook his head, turned, and walked into the armory.


    The armory was quite large. After entering through the front door, it took Iyce 15 minutes of wandering the dark, stone passageways before he found the staircase he need to get to the main treasure chamber. The stairway consisted of four flights, and when Iyce emerged he found himself on the right side of another stone corridor. The hall had only one set of two large doors, outside of which lay two unconscious guards. The doors were wide open.
    Iyce stepped through the doors, and was greeted with the sight of Emma, lying on a massive mountain of gold. She looked up.
    “Well finally,” she said.” Do you have the bags?”
    Iyce nodded and pulled two, folded burlap sacks from an inner pocket in his cloak.” Did you have a hard time getting in here?” Iyce asked.
    Emma looked up from filling her bag. “No, not really. Did you?”
    Iyce shook his head. “Nah, it was pretty easy actually.”
    “Good.” Emma replied.
    They began filling up the sacks with gold and various gems. Iyce approached his assigned mountain and began to rummage through it, pulling out gold and various gems and putting them into his bag. Iyce’s hand stuck something hard, and he recoiled. However, nothing seemed to be coming out of the mountain to attack him, so he decided to see what the strange object was. He reached back in to the pile, and wrapped his hands around something. He tugged, and a longsword with a blood red hilt, and a crossguard that were in the shape of batwings emerged from the gold.
    Emma whistled. “Nice.” She said.
    Iyce threw his old sword into a corned of the room and slid the new one into his scabbard.
    He and Emma finally finished packing the bags. They stepped out into the hallway, and Emma started to laugh.
    “You know,” she gasped, “We never thought of a way out of here.”
    Iyce rolled his eyes. “Did you see anything on the roof?”
    Emma shook her head. “No, but the back alley’s clear.”
    Iyce nodded. “Alright, lead the way.”
    They dashed to the opposide end of the corridor, and up a flight of stairs. While ascending the cold stone steps, the pair ran straight into a group of guards. Emma swung her bag of loot, cracking two of the guards in the head, and sending them into the wall. Iyce drew his new sword. He blocked one guards slice, grabbed the mans wrist, spun, and threw him over his shoulder, down the steps. Iyce dodged a second blow and swiftly slashed the guard across the torso.
    They eventually made it to the roof. Across the street, the alert bell was ringing in the belltower of the barracks.
    “Hurry.” Emma said as she slung her bag of loot over her shoulder. She vaulted over the roof’s edge; Iyce followed suit. When they made it to the ground, they sped down the nearest alley they could find.
    The clouds covered the moon once more, blanketing the Deepport streets in darkness. In the alley’s, the shouts of guards and jingling gold were the only sounds to be heard.