Story Teller's Tea-House

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    In a shadowy area of the town, with a few smoky lanterns and a little bit of mystique, there is a little building with shady curtains, and a bit of porch, and some plants. Stone, bricks, wood- it is somewhat tidy. It neither stands out fully, nor blends in fully. If you are looking for it, you might find it. And if you find it, you might go in. And if you go in, you might look around, and be noticed, and offered a seat. There are low chairs and high chairs and cushions on the floor. There is a spicy-sweet scent in the air, and the story teller might put the kettle on. The lights are a little dim, and the air is a little heavy, but the steam of the hot water should help clear your head, soon. If she was reading, she might have to put her book down. She would probably make herself comfortable. Then, if these things had happened, you might tell her a little about yourself, and then she might tell you a story. You would probably have some tea. It is, after all, a tea-house and story house. So.
    ...Will you have a seat, then?