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    This is a review of a friend's United Cutlery Sting and scabbard:

    United Cutlery's Sting is made to Hobbit scale, meaning it's sword-sized for a 3 foot tall Hobbit, or like a short sword for a human. This is to keep it in scale with the rest of the swords from the LOTR movies so you can make a true comparison of sizes. (Thanks to my lovely assistant Kellie for posing with the items)

    Sting sits really nicely in the hand and is nice and light due to its small size. For a human it really is a short sword.
    All the smaller blades and single edged weapons (Sting, LWK, Aragorn's knife etc) are sharpened to some degree. This particular Sting is VERY sharp. The point is like a needle and the blade edges are "be careful when handling it" sharp. Very cool.

    The fit and finish are great, as on all the UC LOTR swords I've seen up close. However, with this particular one I've noticed that the painted on vine design on the handle is a little bit flaky already, and there's a long thin crack in one side of the wooden handle. It's up to my friend to decide if she wants to return it, but UC have a no-cost replacement policy on manufacturing defects. The downside is you have to pay for shipping the item to them.

    However, for mass-produced, machine-made items, they are far and away the best replica swords I've ever seen. The fit and finish is great, and they have a feel of quality to them, unlike many other flimsy feeling display swords.

    The scabbard is a steal for the low price, it goes so well with the blade that for the small amount of money, why not get it?
    The fit and finish are very nice. The brown leather looks great with the gun-metal grey, real metal fittings of the scabbard collar and end tip. The swirling Elvish designs look great up close too.
    There is one visibly modern screw on the back side of the scabbard, but if it's on a belt no one will ever see it.
    The belt loop is approximately 35mm long and about 5mm thick, so it should fit on most belts, especially the thinner style often used in medieval costumes. It's a vertical loop so it'll hang straight down, as in the movie.


    As you can see from the pictures, Sting sits very nicely in the scabbard. It's a firm but not too-firm fit, so it can be held upside down and it won't slide out. I believe UC use 2 nylon "tongues" that gently squeeze the blade a it slides in so it doesn't move around or fall out.

    Sting's crossguard sits very snugly into the collar of the scabbard, which really makes it look classy.

    If you're thinking of buying Sting and its scabbard together, do so. For such a small additional cost, having the two items together makes them more than the sum of their parts.