Star Trek Massive multiplayer game

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    Viacom has granted Perpetual the exclusive worldwide rights to develop massively multiplayer products based on the entire Star Trek franchise, extending from the original series through all the various TV series and movies, right up to the latest incarnation, Star Trek: Enterprise.

    Perpetual plans to initially place the game in the 24th century timeline of the series, and will add other elements of the Star Trek universe through expansions. The company claims that the title will feature a range of both solo and multiplayer missions set in space, on planets and on starbases around the series universe.

    "The scope of the content license is extraordinary for a game of this kind, giving us the opportunity to immerse fans and players in the incredibly rich, diverse and exciting universe of Star Trek," commented Perpetual CEO Joe Keene.

    Perpetual Entertainment may seem like an unusual choice for such a valuable license, since it is a new company with no previous titles under its belt, but the firm's management team brings with it a wealth of experience in the game development field.

    The company's top management largely hails from industry giant Electronic Arts, where CEO Joe Keene formerly held roles including COO of Maxis and COO of, VP of worldwide publishing and VP of corporate development, while president Chris McKibbin was CFO and COO of EA Canada Studio and COO and general manager of Origin Systems - the studio which produced Ultima Online.

    Expect cadet training to begin in 2006 and a 2007 departure date for all crew members..

    This news comes as many Star Trek notables including Levar Burton have commented on how Trek should lay low for a while to rebuild anticipation and creativity in the franchise.