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    Right my character and my guys partner

    Black/purple skin, White hair (long), piercings
    Weapons: Dual Blades, One-handed crossbow
    Clothing:Leather, Scalemail, Plate spaulders and legs, leather leggings, Elven shoes, Leather gauntlets, Dark cloak.
    Abilities: Drow magic

    As a Drow child, he was brought up in a noble house like many. He spent his childhood playing with his friend, Mayarra, betwixt combat lessons. They often left to the surface, using the twilight to strike terror upon their surface cousins. They now have a personal armory of above world weapons and armor. He delights in watching the pain on his enemies faces as he drives his blades in their flesh, the look for terror and anguish as their rush of emotions burst forth like their blood. But, he needs more. Once again he goes to the surface

    Mayarra, female, drow, black/purple skin, longer white hair
    Weapons:Staves, Maces
    Clothing: Low-cut open robe(purple and black), Metal breastpiece, Light loincloth, Leather Leggings (ends at thighs), elven shoes. [basically you can see her chest]
    Abilities:Magic of the drow-Apprentice level

    Mayarra has long been Marcaunon's friend and has loved him for a long time. She is considered as one of the most beautiful of the drow and fill many male dreams and desires. As they go to the surface she weaves a web of magic as they go, striking down entire groups of elves and other creatures. She has bowed to Marcaunon's will many times and serves him well.