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    Name: Krayerunos
    Place of Birth: Erlamar
    Age: 109 years
    Class: Druid
    Race: high/wood elf
    Weapon: Staff of freedom
    Krayerunos is born on Erlamar as a prince, father of a high elf, Luthor and his mother a wood elf, Linthanrea. Krayerunos raised with both inteligence from the high elves and great view and druid powers from the wood elves. Krayerunos was never supose to born by Luthor's will. His father wanted a daughter that could mary Sir. Charovant. knowed has Warrior of mysteries. Son of Bhaalein. His ancestor. Bhaal. This half god warrior traveled through many places and owned great money from wich travels and will from his father.
    Once the king said this to Krayerunos, he decided to get out of Erlamar. His anger was extreme. Luthor planned all this escape from Erlamar. After the escape of Krayerunos. Luthor disclamed his own son and put a bounty for him. His mother ran away from Erlamar aswell.
    Krayerunos traveled through a lot of lands until he reached the secret town of wooden elves, wich he hide from his father. He doesn't know what to do now. All that now Krayerunos has is a staff of freedom wich makes him move freely and quickly through the woods.