Six random questions!

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    With quite a few credits to S.J Faerlind, I'll open up a thread for a new little game she cooked up.

    Step 1: Press Here to use Google's quite sophisticated and, for the purpose rather overpowered RNG to roll a die. What is my purpose? You pass butter. Sorry...
    Step 2: Pick the question corresponding to the roll you just made.
    Step 3: Profit! No... wait. Answer the question. Points for being original
    Step 4: Cook up a new question and repost the updated six questions. Points here for asking as random a question as possible...

    Roll Topic
    1 Get your grubby hands up in the sugar jar and pick the 17'th crystal you find. Write a poem about this special little sugar flake.
    2 Listen carefully and note the very next sound you hear. Use this sound as inspiration to write some song lyrics and share them
    3 Debate the merits and drawbacks of different ways of keeping ears clean
    4 Assume you have an evil twin. What do you think your twin is doing at this very moment?
    5 Unicorns are high in demand, but it's hard to make a living off of them. Write a business case for a unicorn meat farm.
    6 Find the best clean (so the mods don't have to smack you!) joke you can find on the internet and post it for all of us to see.


    Q: What sort of questions are acceptable?
    A: It's not truth or dare. Think more Random or Dare. Without the dare.

    Q: Can I cheat and say I rolled something else than I rolled?
    A: Yes. But you will grow extremely hairy all over, as well as a tail. Jumanji doesn't tolerate cheaters very well.

    Q: You sure you can rip off SJs idea?
    A: Errr. Just did, didn't I?

    Q: Anything else?
    A: Yes. Have fun :D
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    Got 6 :

    When I see a girl, I first look at hair, then her eyes, then her beautiful neck, chest and her wonderful waist...

    damn dial up

    1. Make an estimate, how much liquid you have drank in your life
    2. Post your favorite meme
    3. Make the worst imaginable use for sms based services
    4. What is the most funniest/stupidest thing you did as a child and only realized recently that it was so stupid.
    5. What always makes your day better
    6. Roll again.
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    I got 5: What always makes your day better?

    Sometimes it's the little things that matter. For example, there's nothing worse than needing a tissue to blow your nose and not being able to find one. In this situation one can to the bathroom and look for toilet paper. When one discovers that someone else in the house has used the very last square, one goes to look for paper towel. Unfortunately, that too is gone. The thought of using a sleeve to do the job is unsettling, so one can turn to the sock drawer. After all, the sock is not currently being worn, and, as such, can be washed before anyone else is the wiser for its unfortunate fate. The idea that the sock has a higher purpose is a revelation, and instead of finding its way to the nose, it finds its way onto the foot, into a shoe, and to the local store. The store is a haven of tissue, toilet paper AND paper towel: a veritable mecca of potential nasal cleanliness. The nose is happy and a day is made better because of socks.

    I'm not going to write 6 new questions, I'm just going to bump the one I answered off Anon's list and repost the others:

    1. Make an estimate of how much liquid you drank in your life
    2. Post your favourite meme.
    3. Make the worst imaginable use for sms based services.
    4. What is the funniest/stupidest thing you did as a child and only realized recently that it was so stupid?
    5. Stand in the middle of the room on your left foot and bring your right foot up so your toes touch your knee. Stay that way for 30 seconds. If you fell over or had to put your right foot down, tell us how you might use gelatin to create an amusement park ride.
    6. Roll Again