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    If any of you have an account on the pokecommnity forums well I am Ekeshum.

    Rose was on her way to the throne room one morning in Cameron Palace. She was looking everywhere at all of the huge marble pillars, colorful carpets, and frames hung everywhere when she accidentally ran into a teenager of 18 or 19 years. She, being the servant that she was, immediately knelt down in front of him, saying “I am so sorry, sir. Please forgive me, and please spare Me.,” as she had been taught to do.
    When he answered, it wasn’t the harsh voice she was used to getting from most people she’d apologized to. It was actually rather calm, and soothing, and after she’d heard it she wanted to listen to it all day and night. He said, “Of course I forgive you! I am just a Knight, and I wouldn’t hurt you. I am new to this palace, and I am lost. If it’s no trouble to you, could you bring me to the throne room?”
    Rose finally dared to raise her head, and she told him she could show him to the room. But what she saw wasn’t what she had expected. He was the most handsome guy she had ever seen in all her 17 years. Rose stared at him for awhile, and took him in. He was about 5 foot 6, with a long dark blue cape (which she would’ve loved to snuggle up in by the way.) brown boots and brown leggings, some tunic sort of thing over his chest and waist, and a blue hat with a strange yellow symbol on it. He also wore blue gloves with crystals in the center of them, and he had black, maybe even dark blue hair which spiked out everywhere and a few strands of it fell across his face. He had crystal blue eyes, which were twinkling nonstop. She had never felt this way before, being a servant, but she had to admit it- she was in love with this young Knight.
    Rose was snapped back to reality by that same gentle voice calling her name. She blushed when she heard it, but she took him to the throne room.
    Once there, they both knelt at the feet of Lady Rin. Rose was a little in trouble because she was late meeting Rin. Aaron came to her defense, though, saying that Rose was only late because he had asked her to bring him to the throne room, and really it was his fault, and that they should punish him instead. In the end no one was punished, and Rin told them why she had called them there in the first place.
    “Rose, you are to do your regular duties: the cooking, the cleaning, the washing of clothes, the scrubbing, the polishing, the dusting, and the gardening. Aaron, you are still in training to be a Knight, so I think you very well know what to do. You may both arise to go do your tasks.”
    Rose and Aaron both stood up and said “Yes, Your Majesty,” in unison.
    At night, after all chores are done…
    Aaron found Rose in her room looking at a picture of something and she had tears in her eyes. He knocked on her door and heard a very startled Rose say “Come in!”
    Aaron carefully opened and closed the door and stood beside Rose. Rose was happy to see him, but she was nervous because she loved him so much, and she didn’t want him to see that she had just been crying.
    He was able to tell, though, and he asked her what was wrong. She replied with “Aaron, it’s a long story.”
    He sat down. “I have the time.”
    Thus Rose began her story.
    “I used to be very rich when I was only 12. I was riding in a carriage, with my mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, and a few maids. The carriage was pulled by 4 beautiful white horses, and all of us were dressed in fancy clothes, except for the maids, because we were going to a party,” here she paused and showed Aaron the picture she had been looking at, then continued.
    “The party we were going to was far away, and we were celebrating my 13th birthday,”
    Aaron interrupted, saying “Rose, Queen Rin told me you came to work here when you were 13.”
    Rose continued her story, saying, “We had to stop because my grandmother had suddenly gotten very sick. While the doctors were trying to figure out what was wrong, my mother was suddenly lying dead, and eventually my father, my grandmother, my grandfather, and all the maids were dead too. I didn’t know what had happened until 3 men with swords knocked me out. The next thing I knew I was here at Cameron Palace. Rin told me that I was to be a servant here and that this was where I was staying and that I was not allowed to leave. I was shown what to do and where I was allowed to go by another maid named Amy. So that is pretty much it.”
    She hadn’t realized that she had been crying until she had finished her story. She was immediately embarrassed and all she wanted to do was to cuddle up with Aaron, but she would never tell him that. Aaron didn’t know what to do except hug her close to him. She felt warm and she hugged him back. He eventually let her go and asked her if he wanted him to stay with her. Rose told him that she would probably be okay and that they both needed to get some sleep. Aaron promised her that he would come visit her in the morning, ‘just to check on her,’ he claimed.
    In the morning after he’d taken a shower, brushed his teeth, and gotten dressed he rushed down to Rose’s room. He would never admit it, but he loved her immensely. He wanted nothing but to see her again. He had only known her for a day, but he felt very close to her. (Plus it felt so good to hold her.)
    When he got down to her room, he knocked on the door once again. She had just woken up and her hair was a mess. “Who is it,” she asked a little sleepily.
    “It’s me, Sir. Aaron. I just wanted to see you and make sure you were alright. I brought you breakfast, by the way.”
    She opened the door, still in a long nightgown. She laughed. Aaron’s hair was still wet from his shower, and it stuck out everywhere without his hat. He wasn’t wearing his cape or gloves, just his boots, leggings, and tunic. He walked into the room and put the tray of food down on her desk. He asked her if she wanted him to leave her alone or if she wanted to eat with him. She said that she wanted to be alone because she hadn’t fully woken up yet. She thanked him and Aaron left.
    Rose wondered why Aaron was paying so much attention to her, concluding that is was just probably because he was new to the palace and he wanted a friend. She smiled when she thought about the way it had felt in his arms the night before.
    Meanwhile, Aaron was in his room thinking about Rose. He didn’t exactly know how to act around her, being a Knight and all, and he found it a little confusing. He wondered what Rose thought about him. He finally had to stop thinking about it because the alarm sounded. He brushed his hair, put on his cape, gloves, hat, and a small brown bag around his waist. He knew it was time to go see Lady Rin.
    For the next few months it was just work for Rose and training for Aaron, but when all the chores were done, they spent as much time as possible with each other. They became very close friends, and they were in love, only they didn’t know it yet. Aaron told her that when he had been 8, he had been sent into training as a page. When he was 13, he became squire to another Knight. And when he had turned 19 he became a Knight. He told her about the dubbing, which was done by Lady Rin herself. He said that dubbing was when you were proclaimed a Knight and you could take on the title of ‘Sir.’ They would give you a blow with their hands or with the side of a sword. His had been done with the sword, and Rose asked him if it had hurt. He told her that it had left a small cut, but that it healed soon.
    Meanwhile, Rose told him about her life before she was taken to be a servant at Cameron Palace. She said that she was actually glad that she was here now because of him. He blushed a little, and his heart started beating faster. He wanted to hold her again, but was afraid to do so because he had no idea how she felt about him. Sometimes they would talk late into the night sharing their hopes, dreams, and fears, and laughing together. At times Rose would be whipped for making mistakes, and being in pain, she cried. Aaron took that as an excuse to cuddle with her and comfort her.
    One day, though, however, Aaron was not his usual self. He told her that he was going on a long quest and that he would never return, and he wanted her to be with him in his time of need. At this, Rose was too shocked to say anything, and she just stood there until Aaron touched her back gently and she looked up at him. She layed her head on his shoulder. He put an arm around her back and said he wanted to go to his room and he wanted her to come too. She nodded and followed him there.
    Once in his room, he said that he wanted to tell her something. He cupped her chin in his hands and looked down into her eyes. Both of their hearts were beating at superspeed. He tried to tell her that he loved her, but right when he tried to say the word ‘love’ his throat would choke up and he’d try again but to no avail.
    As soon as he was about to give up, Queen Rin came into the room. When she saw and heard Aaron trying to tell her, she smiled and said “Rose,”
    Rose looked up at Rin, and she laughed. “Rose, Aaron is trying to tell you that he loves you.”
    Rose stared into Aaron’s eyes, saying “Aaron, is this true?”
    Aaron looked down on at the blanket on his bed and said “Yes, it is true, I do love you very much. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
    Rose gasped, then recovered herself quickly. “Then I think it’s time that I come clean, too. Aaron, I’ve loved you since the day I met you.”
    When he heard this, Aaron wrapped his cape around her and hugged her close in it. He kissed her lips and then came back to the harsh reality. “It’s too bad we weren’t together sooner, because I’m going to die at the end of this quest.”
    Tears pooled in Rose’s eyes and flooded over. Aaron wiped them away with a corner of his cape and said “That’s why I want you to be with me. There’s nothing that anyone can do. Will you come?”
    Rose smiled through her tears. “If it’s anything I can do for you, of course I’ll come.”
    Aaron kissed her hand gently. “Thank you, Rose.”
    The next day was the day of the quest. Aaron explained to Rose that he had something called the aura, which could be used to save things. Anyone else with the aura could do the same and communicate with all people who had the aura.
    Aaron decided to use a little of his aura power to see if he could communicate with Rose. When he was finished, he was more than a little surprised- Rose had the aura too! Aaron told Rose that he was going to use his aura to save the Tree of Beginning, and all the pokemon in it. There was also a legendary pokemon called Mew which needed aura to survive.
    Rose, realizing that she could use her aura too, said “Aaron, why don’t we both use our aura?”
    Aaron’s voice became serious. “Rose, the aura is a very dangerous thing. Using it will cost you your life. Now cut the chitchat, we’ve got to start on our quest.”
    The next day, on the Quest
    Rose and Aaron had reached the Tree of Beginning. Something had to be done quickly. If nothing was done, the Tree of Beginning would die, killing Mew and all the other Pokemon that called it home. Instead of its usual blue, it was glowing orange inside, like hot lava. Outside, the tree was crumbling, and Pokemon were rushing to safety everywhere.
    Sir Aaron knew what had to be done. He put his hands out, and a sparkling green aura sphere began forming. “Mew! Save yourself, and this tree! The aura is with me!”
    He began yelling and grunting with pain and exercion, and the hall echoed with his cries.
    Rose couldn’t bear to watch Sir. Aaron die that way, so she quickly leapt up to help. “Mew, accept my aura, too!
    The green light began coming from her hands, but she felt herself knocked backwards. White electric waves began running down Aaron’s whole body. Rose knew he was dying, but she heard Aaron call to her. “Rose! Don’t use your aura! I’ll take care of this! Save yourself!”
    With a final yell of pain, it was over. The tree flooded with a bright green light, and everything was restored back to normal. It was all fresh and alive, except one thing- Sir. Aaron.
    Rose ran up to him, worried. “Aaron! Tell me you’re alright! Please don’t die, you can’t!”
    He took his gloves off and smiled a peaceful, gentle smile. “Rose, you’ll be alright… Aaauuuuggghhhh!”
    He trembled from the shock waves that were coursing down his body. “Come.”
    Rose walked closer to him, and he had her sit down next to him. “Rose, this is my goodbye to you.”
    He put his arms around her. He stroked her face, then kissed her lips. She cuddled close to him, and she could feel him trembling. She closed her eyes, and he let the kiss go, but kept his arms around her. “I want you to take my staff, gloves, and bag to Lady Rin. I want you to keep my cape, because I know how you liked cuddling up in it… Goodbye Rose. I know …we’ll meet… again.”
    Rose opened her eyes and Aaron was gone. “Sir Aaron,” Rose wailed.
    Her best friend, her protector, was dead.
    2 days later at Cameron Palace
    Rose walked up to Lady Rin. She gave her Aaron’s staff, gloves, and bag as she had been told to. She told Rin how Aaron had died. Rin, knowing that Aaron had been Rose’s love and friend, let Rose spend the day off.
    Rose just kept saying “Aaron… Aaron…” over and over again.
    She cuddled up in his cape and fell asleep, her tears soaking the pillow.
    Aaron came to Rose in a dream. He said that he’d always love her, and that he wanted to be with her. Rose smiled in her dream, and felt somewhat comforted by his prescence.

    *Note: This story was written by Queen Rin, and has been passed through Cameron Palace for centuries. After Rose woke up from her dream, she decided that being a servant was too hard without Sir. Aaron, and Rin let her free. She ran away to the tree of Beginning, where she stayed mourning the death of her beloved Aaron until she too, eventually died.
    Aaron and Rose are together today, and they are still very in love and happy together. Sometimes they come to us Queens in dreams and let us know that they’re alright. They also give us guidance, comfort, and encouragement.
    Rose and Aaron are still honored throughout the years here at Cameron Palace with a pokemon battle. The winner is crowned ‘Guardian of Aura’ and presented with Aaron’s staff. There is also a feast, a ball, and fireworks. -Lady Ilene :banana:
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