Shut Up and Listen...

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    I'm tired, of the hateful way I'm treated,
    Like I'm the one who was selfish and conceited,
    I know, you know, but it don't change a thing,
    You shut me down every time my heart starts to sing...

    Sorry, that I provide you with so much discomfort,
    Sorry for the pain that I caused you, how you suffered,
    I'm sure it must be a tragedy, I can tell by the way you speak,
    Like I'm the one who pulled the trigger, I'm strong and you're weak?

    No, don't get up in my face or run off and hide,
    I've been in the passenger seat so long, along for the ride,
    Shut your mouth and listen to what I have to say,
    You are my equal, and I will not continue on this way...

    I will wait, for you, forever and ever amen,
    My life is so much better because you came in,
    But these problems are your own,
    They stem from seeds that you've sown...

    My intentions are pure, my heart is clean,
    This is as 'good' as I have ever been,
    You ask, you take, you just want more,
    Like you won't be satisfied until I'm out the door...

    No, I haven't asked for much and I've demanded nothing,
    And I'm always getting my ass raked for something,
    I am your equal, but I have chosen to fall at your feet,
    But now my backs against a wall and I just can't retreat...

    I want to, I really do, to give you what you want,
    And then tried to take away what you don't,
    But you ask too much and give nothing in return,
    Done everything in your power to make this bridge burn...

    I'm a fish on a line, a memory you prefer left to time,
    It doesn't matter anymore how many nights I spent crying,
    Step to me, like anyone else would,
    And cut me down like only you could...

    Or you could build me up again, save us both from a fall,
    Then we could be friends, like you said you wanted, after all,
    Just make up your mind about what you want,
    And then separate it from you don't...

    I'm sorry that I am not better, and I wish I could be,
    But take me as I am or leave me and find someone that I should be,
    If you do, I'll sit here and wait,
    Because I am the maker of my own fate...

    I'm not angry, but I am tired,
    Living in a lie that's mired,
    In frustration and half-truths and not a drop of hope,
    This is my question, are you at the end of your rope?

    Now you talk, tell me true,
    Is this the last I'll see of you,
    Or can this be the start of a new day done right,
    And will you let me get back to fighting the good fight?