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    First post will be pretty long. The introduction, I know, can be a bit boring and it's just there for those who want a little more background information. Enjoy! Comments would be greatly appreciated. If you aren't bothered to read the beginning, please skip to the next part (indicated with * * *) and be a little patient :) thanks!

    Seven. The animals sacred and unique to their land. Seven. The number of sacred weapons to their land. These were all granted to men and women of the town of Dexius who achieve the age of maturity: 16.

    There were seven different animals unique to Dexius. They dwelled deep within the forest of Dexius. They were as follows:

    The Zythryn, a very curious creature. With only two front talons it had the body of a snake, but the head of a lizard, stretched out flat and sharpened at the mouth to form a beak-like shape. Its eyes were large and wide with the ever growing sharpness of an aerial creature. Its ears stuck out and looked like a small pair of feathery but still scaly wings. It had two feet just near its chest that belonged to a hound. It had the same wings but one on its upper thigh and another near its ankle. Its snake body stretched out for the length of two and a half grown men before stopping and forming an eerie tail shaped like its head. The scales on this shape were naturally sharpened and hardened to form a blade that was lighter and stronger than titanium. It also had great wings upon its back with the same structure as its smaller wings. The Zythryn was able to fly great distances and carry a rider. It was able to repel harsh temperatures with its scales. It also had icy breath that could transform into a blizzard and freeze a whole legion if it was fully grown. The Zythryn was an extremely useful creature and could be a fearsome weapon when the time came.

    Then there was the Läka. A horned creature that looked like a stag, but much more intelligent and serene. Its horns would grow backwards as if sleeked back in order to allow the rider to have hand grips. It could gallop three times faster than an imperial warhorse, and run for over a day without stopping. It had powerful healing powers that could also restore one’s stamina and were bestowed upon its human companion. They had very little attacking spells, so their casters relied on binding spells that would subdue an opponent without killing. Like all cavalry, the Läka had much trouble getting through dense foliage, making that its weakness. Although the Läka had a light aura, it could be fierce when it wanted to be. Its incredible stamina and reflexes enabled it to bound great distances and dodge arrows. It was able to constantly regenerate and heal others. Its horns would twist forwards and be used as deadly spears. The Läka was a useful healer to have by one’s side, and also a fast and agile ally that could prove a worthy soldier.

    Next, there was the Hemliga. It was a greatly enlarged chameleon that reached its maximum size of a large pony. It still held its chameleon ability to camouflage, but when it evolved into the Hemliga, it gained the ability of pure invisibility, making it the greatest stealth weapon. The Hemliga could sweep through trees in even the densest forest as fast as a horse could clear a meadow. With a tongue that covered over three horse strides, it was able to snatch enemies or objects from a great distance. The Hemliga also had a very peculiar tail. Not only was it almost as long as its tongue, but it ended in a snake head with a mind of its own. The snake could keep watch behind to see if an enemy was trailing it. The Hemligas were more useful in the forest than in an open field, but nevertheless, they were the key to many ambushes and spying.

    There was also the Vrede. The Vrede was a gorilla that could grow to the size of a normal house. The Vrede was the tank of a war. It could survive many injuries to its body. It also had the power to send extremely hot heat waves from its body in any direction it wanted. They had the ability to sharpen their masses of fur into small spikes as a defense mechanism to close combat. The only drawback of this fighting machine was that it was slow. It had great stamina, but a horse could easily outrun it, so when things got out of hand, escape was no option. Whether positioned as a soldier or siege, the Vrede was perfectly capable and built for warfare.

    The Leeuie could grow up to the size of a young horse. It had the body of a bulldog, but the face was much different. It had a mouth full of grinning teeth, a flat nose, and angry, beastly eyes. It had a long mane rolling down from its forehead all the way down to its hind that billowed in the wind like a cloud. Its mane actually rumbled and sparked with thunder and lightning hence giving it the power to control electricity, along with its master. It was able to run faster than a horse and was just big enough to carry a middle aged man. It also had the uncanny ability to split itself into two separate beings with their own personalities. They had slight drawbacks: the physical and electrical abilities of the original Leeuie were shared among the two separate creatures, although they both shared the same intelligence level of the original Leeuie. The two separate Leeuie would also be half the size of the original one.
    The Leeuie was an extremely complicated creature. The original Leeuie had its own personality, as the two separate Leeuie had their own. The separated Leeuie could not remain far from each other or their master, else their powers would be taken away temporarily. Overall, the Leeuie was a dangerous and tactical creature with the ability to rapidly split and merge its body.

    There was the Myrkkyä as well. They were creatures that took on two different forms. On land, they took the form of a very large horseshoe crab that could reach the size of a large carpet. Its long tail could bend over its body and act like a stinger and inject poisons of all sorts. In the water, the Myrkkyä’s hard horseshoe crab shell would melt away and its “wings” underneath would be revealed, and it would take on the form of a giant manta ray. It still had the same ability to inject deadly poisons into its enemies. The fact that the Myrkkyä was able to travel upon land and sea made the Myrkkyä a useful creature in many situations.

    Finally, there was the Terräng. This was a creature that could grow large enough to fit an average man upon its back. It had great claws and was built like a badger. It would dig through the earth and stone, using its large paws as shovels and picks, and could clear a league of earth in a quarter of an hour. Its claws glowed in the dark, allowing it and its master to see in the vast plains of the underground. It also had the power to control the movement of rocks and earth and could turn this into a powerful skill in battle. The Terräng was a very capable source of transport but could also be terrifying on the battlefield.

    Each of these creatures were equally useful, so the selection of the creature was hard. Their task was to take an egg or youngling from the nest of the animal of their choice. Some would be lucky and encounter no threats. Some would be smart, and avoid the threats altogether. Some would be rash and aggressive, charging into the nest and taking their companion. There were no rules to the task but one: if the Dexian wanted to be the true master of the animal inside the egg, he or she would have to take the egg and bring it back themselves.

    After the animal was chosen, the Dexian would have to choose his or her weapon. The Dexians would have to craft this themselves. The design and material was up to them. Afterwards, in another two week process, the weapon would be enchanted to fit the user’s personality and would have a special name. The enchantment was not for a specific ability, but to allow the weapon to choose one. Once the name was called, its true form a power was revealed, and the Salient who wielded it would be able to control whatever powers had been bestowed upon the weapon.

    Of course, this is a world quite different to the ones mankind know. Gaia has its own plans for itself. Every two thousand and twelve years on the twelfth of December, the Earth is born anew. Life is born unto the Earth in new form. The world of in which the Salients dwell upon is the third generation. Time after time, each new chrysalis of the world sought to only improve and give birth to a perfect world. Time after time, it has failed. The mind of mankind remains the same and after many centuries of evolution, the inevitable will come. Mankind will be the path to a new kind of world. A world that is created by war. Gaia decided to create the creatures of Dexius in order to help mankind in a quest of change, but instead a new kind of warfare was the result.

    There are, of course, those who despise Salients. Those who oppose them. These are men called Exorcists. They are an army of highly trained men with equipment made to block attacks from Salients and their animals. They are a religious cult who believe that God has ordered them to destroy the Salients.

    The Dexians are heroes to some, and monsters to others. No matter what the people think of them, Salients will do what they are destined to do. They would venture through the neverending lands of the Earth, being the closest things to God in the land. That is what the Dexians were born for. To help and to give, but at their own cost.

    * * *

    “Throw the chains!”

    The command was heard by the team of Exorcists and they obediently launched their chains around the Vrede’s arms and held tight, four men to a chain. The Salient barked a spell, sending a surge of fire out of his hands and melting the chains. The Vrede shook them free and clapped its hands together. A visible heat wave rushed into the air, towards the ten Exorcists.


    Each Exorcist dropped down on one knee in unison and pulled out their shields. As the wave of heat hit them, their shield glowed a very bright red, but held firm. The heat wave passed and they stood up again and rushed forwards. The Salient began to look panicky and sent another wave of fire across towards the Exorcists. It was weak, however, and each of the experienced men saw this. With a single flap of each man’s cape, they burst through the flames. The Salient climbed upon his Vrede and they started off. The leader of the team of Exorcists whistled sharply and out of the forest burst out their horses. The men climbed upon the horses and sped off in pursuit. In no time, they were galloping alongside the Vrede and shooting arrows. The Vrede collapsed, fatigued and injured. The Salient desperately tried to attack the Exorcists but the leader grimly knocked the Salient to the ground with his shield.

    “Why do you do this?” asked the trembling Salient. “I’ve never done anything to you.”

    “You’ve done more than you can imagine. You’ve defied the rules of God Himself. Man and beast are not meant to be,” replied the Exorcist. And with that, he shot the Salient in the head. Both man and creature died instantly. The lead Exorcist stared down at the dead bodies for a moment before burning them.

    “Captain Gighes,” said one of the Exorcists from the group.

    “Lieutenant…?” asked Gighes while he put the bow back onto his back, unsure of the man’s name.

    “Faise, Sir. Our spies are currently tracking a Vrede and Salient on the move to the city of Hydrolin.”

    “Taking refuge in the city of water? Alright, we’ll intercept him on the main trade route into the city. Have our men attack from their flanks and be swift to chain the Vrede before any real damage is done.”

    “Sir, do I have your permission to attack?”

    “Of course you numbskull, what do you think I was just ordering you to do? You have my permission to move our remaining troops in the area to attack the Salient and his or her Vrede. God be with you.”

    “Sorry Sir. Thank you Sir. May God be with you.”

    “And Faise!” The soldier slid to a stop, turned around, and saluted once more.


    “Be one minute late for our next fat animal and I’ll shove your head up its dead arse.” Faise relaxed and chuckled.

    “No problem Captain Gighes.”

    * * *

    Alain sat there, on the tree stump, watching the other kids spar with each other. Serelyn, his oddly golden Zythryn stared at him with her deep amber eyes and nuzzled his shoulder. He absently reached out with a hand and patted her affectionately on the head. His long, dark hair fell over his eyes, causing him to impulsively tie his hair back in a rough, loose ponytail. A voice snapped him out of his daydreaming trance.

    “Hey Alain what you thinking about, eh? Come here and show us what you’ve got,” called his rival, Dominique.

    “Shut up Dominique,” he muttered.

    “I said come here.” Without warning, Dominique muttered a quick spell and flicked his hand in a quick gesture at Alain’s tunic. It burst into flames. He cursed and took off the tunic. Serelyn slapped it once with her tail to extinguish the flames, but Dominique’s fire would only become a regular flame that could be doused when he stopped the spell. The teenagers began to laugh. Alain glared at Dominique with hateful eyes.

    Kaldr!” he shouted, holding his hand out towards Dominique. Dominique stopped laughing and dropped to one knee, his skin turning a pale blue-gray. He started shivering as the chill of Alain’s spell surrounded him.

    H-h-heitr,” Dominique stammered. The spell made Alain feel as if he was in the middle of a desert, boiling as if the sun was nearing the earth. Alain fell, panting and sweating vigorously.

    Varmr,” he heard Dominique say, and he saw that Dominique was regaining most of his color. He stood up, looking very angry with Alain. Dominique rose his hand up. Alain braced himself, despite the fierce heat he was feeling.

    “Stop!” a deep voice shouted from the crowd watching. Dominique looked up, startled. There stood the town’s leading healer, Derrick. His Läka was galloping towards the crowd with him riding it. The crowd scattered and Derrick slid to a stop.

    “If I see one more fight between you two, I’ll tell both your fathers!” Derrick promised with a pointing finger. Dominique glared at me and cast off his heat spell. Alain sighed, blew a lock of hair out of his eyes, and re-tied his rough ponytail. Derrick walked over to him. Alain looked up.

    “What were you thinking? Tussling with the leading warrior’s son,” Derrick hissed to him.

    “He started it-” he started to say, but Derrick cut in.

    “Stop acting so childish. You’re already thirteen. You of all people should know that that was very dangerous.”

    “I don’t get what the big deal is. It was just a small fight,” Alain told him honestly.

    “Dominique and his family are like nobles here, and you know that. His father is a very generous and accomplished man. Like father like son. Do not mess with him again or I shall see that your father knows about this.”

    “Nobles? How so?”

    “His father is a leader!”

    “So is mine! Is exploration less important then war?”

    “At the present time, I think we both know the answer. Three children lost to the Exorcists? Aleksander doesn’t deal with warfare only, he deals with protection as well. He orders the impenetrable wall that we are so famous for! Why don’t you think you’ve been captured yet? It’s all because of him!”

    Alain glared at him and he glared straight back. With a final bore into his eyes, Alain turned and stalked off. Serelyn remained quiet in his head as she followed him.
    By the time he reached his normal place to relax, there was already someone there. He stiffened as he saw who it was.

    It was Danika. The girl he had known for most of his life. She had blonde hair with streaks of natural brown in some places that she tied back in a high ponytail and had pale green eyes. Her small Hemliga was a shade of green that matched her eyes. She smiled at him as she saw him coming towards her, and jumped down from a tree branch.

    “I envy you and Serelyn,” she said. Alain raised an eyebrow. “Someday, when she’s big enough, you’ll be able to ride her and sail through the skies like a bird. But I’ve still got Lero here, so I’m alright for now,” she added, petting the Hemliga’s head affectionately. Alain watched in silence for a few moments. Danika sighed.

    “Don’t waste it, Alain.”


    “I said don’t waste it,” She repeated. Alain rolled his eyes quickly.

    “I know what you said, but don’t waste what?”

    “The ability to fly. It’s a great thing, you know.”

    “Serelyn talks about it a lot. She not big enough for me to ride on her back or for her to carry me for very long.” They stood in silence once more.

    “You’re copying my hairstyle,” Danika noted. Alain looked up. She was right. They had the same high ponytail that left the hair hanging loosely, just touching the back of their necks. Alain grimaced and pulled two long clumps of hair out of his ponytail so the drifted on either side of his face. He looked remotely different. Danika laughed. Alain smiled uncomfortably.

    “Listen, I’ve got to go. Dad’s Terräng is probably wreaking havoc right now,” he said evasively.

    “Old Grelm? I thought he was so passive. Alright, I’ll see you,” she said, waving a hand at him. He turned and waved back over his shoulder and his face showed pure relief. Serelyn stretched her wings.

    That went well, she said. Alain sighed.

    Leave me alone, Serelyn, he replied. Serelyn nudged him in the side gently, but remained quiet until they reached his house.

    Alain’s father burst out of the house, his Terräng straight after him. Alain stared as the Terräng, Grelm, began to dig vigorously into the earth. Alain’s father then threw in a few notebooks and parchments. Grelm filled the hole back in. Alain’s father took a few moments to breathe, and then noticed Alain standing a few feet away. Alain raised an eyebrow.

    “Care to explain?” he asked.

    “Ah…Alain!” his father said a little too loud. “How are you? I’ve been looking for you!”

    “You’re rushing about something.”

    “Uh, well, yes! Busy busy day!”

    “Dad,” Alain said slowly, “tell me what’s going on.” His father trembled slightly, looked from side to side, and then beckoned for him to go inside the house. Once inside, His father sat down and reluctantly unwrapped a fairly large and heavy looking parcel. Inside was a gold statue of a woman with the seven sacred animals surrounding her. Alain gasped.

    “The Hjältinna?” he asked, eyes filled with awe. His father looked at it fondly, eyes almost the same as Alain’s.

    “Yes. The Heroine. The Dexian whose creature could transform into all seven creatures at will. I’ve also managed to find something else out…” His face and tone of voice was very mysterious. So mysterious, in fact, that Alain had the persistent urge to ask him what it was. And so he did.

    “What is it?” Alain breathed.

    “The Hjältinna isn’t the only one of her kind.” Alain’s heart skipped a beat.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Look at this.” This time he picked up another bundle. He unwrapped it very carefully. Inside was a golden tablet with strange writing upon it.

    “This is very old writing,” his father said to him, “but I’ve managed to translate it. It says that only once in about seven generations, one man or woman will find a golden creature and become the new Hjälte or Hjältinna.” Alain’s heart skipped a beat. His father noticed and nodded slowly.

    “You are the next Hjälte,” he said. At that very moment, Dominique’s father came bursting in.

    “Everyone with creatures are to fight now! We have more than two hundred Exorcists marching this way. Quick! Move out into battle formations. We need to hold them off before they get to the children,” he said in a rush. In a flash he was gone. There was no time to lose. Alain left his father before he could say anything. For each species of creature, a special call and word is required for each spell and summoning. Alain followed his training properly and shouted the name of his creature in his mind. Serelyn swooped down from the great blue sky and picked Alain up with her talons and lifted him up into the air.

    “Alright, Serelyn. You know the maximum time limit you can hold me up in air while engaging in combat is exactly ninety-six seconds right?”

    Yes, Alain.

    “Good. Ration your energy and once you’re tired put me down and take it easy.”

    I know, Serelyn said with a chuckle. They’re coming!

    “Alright! This is what we’ve been training for!”

    Alain could see a number of Exorcists. They raised their anti-Zythryn bows. Alain looked back and saw another six villagers on Zythryns behind him.

    “Watch out for the bows!” he shouted. “Svell skjǫldr!” A shield of golden ice rose in front of him as the arrows rained upon him and Serelyn. Alain saw his comrades shield themselves in similar ways. He let the shield drop. But suddenly, the arrows exploded and Serelyn was knocked away. She regained control but others were not so fortunate. Alain tuned to see that there were only four allies left. He glared at the troops below that were loading their bows again.

    “Their attacks are strong, and they have the will to control the explosion, but they take long to load their bows. How long until the others come?”

    “Not long,” called one of the men.

    “I was out in the forest so I came here early,” said a woman. “It will take the Exorcists at least another hour to reach the village.”

    “Then we’ll have to stall them as long as we can,” said Alain.

    I can’t hold out much longer, Alain, said Serelyn. Alain swore.

    “Alright, put me down.” Serelyn dropped into the foliage of the Dexian Forest. Alain decided to use the forest as cover as he casted spells. He concentrated and took a deep breath.

    Svell brynja,” he said. Slowly, a thick coat of golden ice began to spread over his body and soon he was covered in ice armor. He gave a great war cry and charged to engage the archers in close combat. There were six groups of archers, all about twenty each. Five of them were preoccupied with the airborne Zythryns and Alain attacked the last group. He combined sheer power with elegant flicks and twists. His ice armor held strong and firm as he took down the battalion. He was a natural fighter, unlike his father who took to exploration instead. He sighed once the last of the archers were taken down. They were inexperienced in close combat. Suddenly, a group of Exorcists ran out of the forest and started attacking Alain with their swords. Alain’s armor gave away as he fought for his life. There was a moment when Alain thought it was over for sure, when the last layer of his armor broke.

    Svell skjaldborg!” one of the men above shouted. A circle of dark blue ice shields formed around him, blocking out the attacks. Alain mouthed a “Thank You!” The man nodded and flew off for another spell.

    Serelyn, I need you!

    I’m here, Alain!

    Serelyn swooped down once more and picked Alain up. Serelyn hovered in the air and Alain casted spells.

    Skjóta svell!” he shouted. A large icicle protruded from his palm and shot down at the warriors.

    “Here come the villagers!” shouted a woman. In a sophisticated formation, the villagers and their creatures marched towards the Exorcist ranks. Out of the forest came reinforcements by the hundreds. Many voices together began chanting and shouting as the Salients began to cast spells. Terrängs started emerging from the ground, Leeuie started sprinting forwards, Vredes roared with anticipation, Myrkkyä sprayed poison into the thousands of troops, Zythryns filled the air, Läkas began healing the wounded, and Hemligas vanished as soon as they appeared. Alain landed next to Dominique and his Vrede.

    Aldrnari!” barked Dominique. Green fire spewed from his palm and into the Exorcists, but they just raised their shields and the fire was dispelled. Dominique glared at them.

    Ríkr aldrnari!” Dominique tried. This time green fire came out in three large strands and started wrapping themselves together to make a powerful and magnificent pillar of fire. The shields glowed much brighter this time, but the fire couldn’t penetrate the shields.

    “Idiot! What are you standing there for? Maybe your ice will work,” said Dominique to Alain. Alain resented the comment, but saved his retort for later.

    Frjósa lopt!” shouted Alain. Freezing cold winds surged around him and then burst forwards towards the Exorcists. The sudden cold cracked the shields of the soldiers who began to tremble with fear. Dominique grinned. He looked around at the dead soldiers lying at his feet, and cast a very powerful spell upon them.

    Haugaeldr!” he cried. The bones of the dead Exorcists burst from their bodies and lit on fire. They came together to form skeletons and began attacking the enemy soldiers. Alain gaped and saw that Dominique’s father had done the same thing but on a much larger scale. Dominique had produced about ten soldiers, and his father had produced sixty. Dominique produced his sword and muttered, “Awaken, Villr Hyrr!” His sword burst into flames and he leapt off to join the fray.

    Alain shook his head and said to himself, “I have to fight too!” He raised his staff high above his head. “Be still not for eternity, Gamall Vetr!” The wood on the staff began to peel off to reveal and intricately carved golden staff. On it had seven men and women each with a different Dexian animal fighting against an army of Exorcists. Alain struck the Exorcists down with the blades on the end of his staff. Dominique jumped in to join him, his sword bursting with fire.

    Aldrnari!” he roared. Some of the Exorcists were surprised and burned but others had raised their shields in time.

    Ríkr aldrnari!” he shouted. The Exorcists staggered at the strength of the flames but held their shields up.

    Auki!” he said this time. The power of the flames increased to the maximum and the Exorcist shields gave way. The temporary burst of firepower completely obliterated the Exorcists. Alain was getting jealous so he decided to release more powerful spells. Alain closed his eyes to concentrate. This was a spell he had been practicing for almost a year and even after that time; he had estimated it took him at least thirty seconds of meditation for it to succeed. He could hear the clashes and curses around him as people frantically wondered what he was doing. But when he opened his eyes, they weren’t brown anymore. They were golden.

    He clapped his hands together and said, “Stórr svell bjóða.”

    Golden snow started to fall around him. Many people stopped fighting and watched him in awe, including Dominique. As it fell, it began to slowly swirl around him, and then rotating faster and faster. Through the snow, Alain slowly raised his arms until they were facing the troops of Exorcists. Arrows bounced off the screen of golden snow. Some of the snow came off the screen and went into Alain’s outstretched palms.

    Fleygja!” he cried. Each snowflake shot out of his palm at the speed of light and into the ranks of Exorcists. Some Exorcists didn’t see the attack and fell down immediately, but some held their shields up. The shields held for a few seconds and gave way to the golden bullets. As soon as the hail of snowflakes stopped, Alain unleashed another spasm of bullets. Everyone watched in awe as one boy with the power of a god began to slaughter the Exorcists. Some of Alain’s enemies began to run away, but were quickly shot down by their own comrades as they shouted in fury. Alain began to run towards the Exorcists. The snowflakes wrapped themselves around his body as he ran with inhuman speed. Alain counted about three hundred men left.

    Easy, he thought. He began striking his enemies with abnormal strength. The golden snowflakes protected him from enemy attacks.

    Only a couple seconds left until this spell ends, he thought to himself, worried. I’ve got to try it now. With the strength from stórr svell bjóða, a fire spell will be enough to eliminate them all. He concentrated for a couple seconds, and then drew power from Serelyn’s magic pool.

    Ríkr aldrnari!” he roared. The snowflakes dispersed and fell to the ground. Nothing happened for a moment, but then the snowflakes flew back up. They turned into golden flames and they started to spread outwards, engulfing the Exorcists in the beautiful inferno. Alain smiled and the golden snow fell away. Although he felt exhausted from the tremendous amount of effort it took to maintain the spell, he refused to let it show and remained standing. Dominique looked extremely jealous. And also extremely angry. He pushed Alain to the ground and raised his palm as he backed away from Alain.

    “No one copies my spell!” he said. “Ríkr aldrnari!”

    Aldrnari! Why aldrnari? Alain thought desperately in his mind. He raised his palm as the flames neared him.

    Ríkr aldrnari!

    The same golden fire burst from Alain’s palm. Compared to Dominique’s fire, it was an inferno. Dominique was knocked back by the sheer force of the spell and Alain abruptly stopped the golden flames from spreading any further. Dominique’s father ran forwards and head locked Dominique, pinning him to the ground.

    Fjǫtra!” barked Dominique’s father. Dominique struggled underneath an invisible restrain.

    “I have to apologize. You can believe me when I say behavior like this will not be tolerated lightly in the Valay family,” said his father, shaking his head and casting a fiery glare at Dominique.

    “Don’t worry about it,” said Alain. Aleksander Valay smiled.

    “You have a lot of potential. I would like to know very much how you casted that fire spell, though...” Alain smiled.

    “I’m not too sure myself.”
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