Set in Stone...

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    With this chisel and hammer in my hand,
    I will tell the story of how boy became man,
    Or better, how he was dragged along the way,
    By a girl; now waits for the day she comes to stay...

    Give this slab of granite a new tattoo,
    With so much passion that it might bleed through,
    Deep wounds into rock, deep cuts into my heart,
    The days before her, when I was daily torn apart...

    Civil war, internal strife, not unlike hell in my young head,
    Phantoms in the mirror, devils at the door, demons under my bed,
    What started as backbone became a fight for my life,
    Tooth and nail, breaking bones, club, spear, and knife...

    War was my nature, violence like bread and butter,
    Against voices, out and in, that whisper and mutter,
    Slain in grace, life given anew,
    This poem isn't about me, it's about you...

    A public testimony in stone so raw,
    If only you could see what I saw,
    When I was at the end of my rope,
    You entered my life and gave me hope...

    And through morons and bullies,
    I came to appreciate life more fully,
    Taught temperance and love in the storm,
    Learned what it meant for a heart to be warm...

    Hammered by life, I was hard like steel,
    You found it in your heart to love me still,
    Bend don't break, I'll bend a knee for your sake,
    And break anyone's teeth who thinks my affection is fake...

    Pounding out these lines into stone,
    About how my heart is yours to own,
    It strikes me that you embody what my religion teaches,
    You love like a saint, just like the good book preaches...

    And never before have I folded my hands so quick,
    Then when hard times fall on you, ones I can't fix,
    Teaching me how to live like I should,
    Like only an angel probably could...

    So long after we're gone, this rock will remain,
    And it won't be the only thing to carry our name...