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    The sequels are flying thick, fast and in even numbers it seems with lots of second and fourth chapters in the works for several franchises from the mid-90's and more recent flicks. Today comes rumours from around the airwaves on six such projects:

    Jurassic Park IV
    Looks like the interview with David Boreanaz the other day which mentioned he was in a big movie with 'Four' in it isn't "Fantastic Four" or Indy IV but the next "Jurassic Park". Casting is about to happen on the project and people who've put feelers out have apparently been told Boreanaz will have the lead role.

    The storyline is rumored to revolve around the dinosaurs getting off of the two islands and on to the Costa Rican mainland.

    Unbreakable 2
    Countingdown reports that M.Night Shyamalan told Howard Stern that he didn't think the public were exactly screaming out for a follow-up, but that doesn't mean he isn't keen on doing one. Shyamalan also expressed his interested in working with star Bruce Willis again, meaning it's more than likely than Bruno will be back for seconds if it does happen.

    True Lies 2
    Tom Arnold spoke about a potential sequel to the 1994 James Cameron action comedy - "It's a matter of finding the right time, right place, and right story - something not so violent. Jim Cameron's going to be invovled but he's too busy preparing another movie for arnold - something real big - so he might only have a supervisory (?) role. Definitely happening soon".

    Bill Paxton (who played the comic-relief character from the original LIES) noted that while on a dive to the Titanic with Cameron (as part of a new IMAX film) shortly after Sept. 11, the director let slip that he was not so hot on getting another Lies movie made. Schwarznegger also feels 9/11 throws a kink in the works. He was recently quoted as saying, “There need to be some changes because the script deals with some terrorist acts.” Despite that statement Schwarznegger has repeated stated his intention to make the movie.