Seeing eye dogs (G)

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    there were 2 buddies, one with a doberman pinscher, the other with a chihuahua. the first man says to his mate " lets go over to that restaurant and get something to eat"
    the second guy replies " we can't go in there, we have dogs"
    the man with the doberman says "just follow my lead"
    they walk over to the restaurant and the man with the doberman puts on a pair of dark glasses and starts to walk in.
    the doorman stops him "sorry mate, no pets allowed"
    "you don't understand" says the man " this is my seeing eye dog"
    "a doberman?" says the doorman
    "yeah, they're really good and they protect you from robbers"
    the doorman relents "ok, come on in"
    the man with the chihuahua decides to try his luck, he approaches the restaurant and puts on a pair of dark glasses before entering the door.
    again the doorman intercepts
    "sorry mate, no pets allowed"
    the man replies "you don't understand, this is my seeing eye dog"
    "a chihuahua? your seeing eye dog is a chihuahua???"
    "chihuahua???" says the man, "those bastards gave me a chihuahua????"