Scorn of the Beast...

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    Looking down from your Tower of Babel,
    Watching as the whole of your plans unravel,
    Casting crowns of broken bones and corrupt dreams,
    World peace in exchange for death, so it seems...

    Then you see the unbent knees,
    The nails hold us up, they come in threes,
    Antagonists of the impure,
    You're a disease and we, the cure...

    Vampires dare not draw blood, it burns their tongue,
    The truth does nothing short of scorch your lungs,
    And now we're shattering your idols,
    In a divine sense, we're homicidal...

    Bear your cross and carry the weight,
    Marching you to the hill to meet the fate,
    We will tear down all for which you stand,
    And strike back with a wrathful hand...

    Soldiers of a rebel king,
    Who can make the rocks sing,
    Bring back the dead to annihilate the wicked,
    The vile, corrupt, heinous, and bigoted...

    Those who take advantage of free will,
    Now it is your soul we shall spill,
    Pale riders upon horses of iron and fire,
    Drawing the scorn of the beast and its ire...

    Slayers of monsters and cohorts of hell,
    There's a fire within that no one can quell,
    Almost savage in nature, the drive that lurks beneath,
    We fight the world, with our nails and our teeth...