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    In the World, Not of the World
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    My face is a bit scraggely,
    Clothes torn and raggedy,
    Now watch me shove off port and set sail,
    Vagabond emperor of an empire that fell...

    You could say some of my friends are scummy,
    And that my style over time got a bit bummy,
    But I'm riding in this clunker into the sunrise,
    The asphalt is lit up and stray rays in my eyes...

    I could use a quick shave and my hair is a mess,
    But I would be lying if I said this wasn't my best,
    Me at the top, yeah bottom of the barrel,
    Catch a train to nowhere, without a farewell...

    My feet are sore and my back hurts,
    Can't stop running, just makes it worse,
    Hoofing it the rest of the way to Calvary,
    On feet that are bigger than my salary...

    Dusty old shoes but a brand new jacket,
    Go through this world, making a lot of racket,
    But this world don't favor the frail,
    Hoist the anchor, watch me set sail...

    A boat held together with chewed gum and glue,
    This is a special kind of hope, it's a home brew,
    Over-confidence with hint of destiny,
    Remember, you asked to see the best of me...

    Should we blow a tire along the way,
    I'll just carry you from that day,
    Piggyback us the rest of the journey to salvation,
    Nobody ever runs as hard as when running from damnation...

    Over the hill and through downtown,
    If we need money, I'll sell my crown,
    What good is it to a king with no people,
    It's like I'm missing the church, just a steeple...

    When we get there, there'll be no time to rest,
    Because this world's gonna need us at our best,
    Put the pieces back together, see if they fit,
    Even if they don't, I think I got to go and split...

    Find me something that floats and a paddle,
    Even if it's just an old wooden barrel to straddle,
    And after I've gone one more time, after I've set sail,
    Keep your head up high, because you have a tale to tell...