RPG #18 - In the Ruins

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    "A scattered handful of teenagers sit in what would be considered a math class, doing practice problems in their books. They never used to do this in class, the teachers often had some sort of clever activity for them. But now they were all sick, and the curriculum reformed by a desperate move by the administration to give some semblance to a proper class size. A dozen or so students, mostly freshmen, sitting in a mixed-and-matched class, trying to pretend like nothing was wrong and that the world was still the same world as it was a week ago. It was horrible to see, when the disease was bad- their faces were pale, their eyes rolled up all the way into the backs of their skulls, their lips perpetually pulled tight back against their jaws and their teeth clamped together, so hard they shook. It had come up only a few days ago, and everyone seemed to get it all at once it had spread so quickly. Almost everyone their age had caught it, too, forced to stay at home or filling the overflowing funeral homes. Few, if any, had time to register that so many of their friends were dead, or that so much of their extended family was gone. Almost none of them have any idea what death of this magnitude would mean for their civilization- the infrastructure dies with the people to manage it, the power grids shut down with no one to work them, cars pile up on the streets as their drivers collapse at the wheel. The only blessing that these people recognize is that most Plague victims felt their symptoms a few hours before death, and tried to spend their last moments in comfort- corpses are largely off the street, but they fill beds, couches, and offices. Most of their classmates were doing the smart thing and not going to class, recognizing the crisis gripping the world. The ones who are in class are the few who had either been willed to school by their dying parents or simply have nowhere safe to go, or the sad few that just go on doing what they do every day.

    Tom, one of the freshmen staring blankly at the worksheet in front of him, mind clearly on other things, his mother's heart stopped beating last night, and he hasn't heard from his sister since he found out that she was infected. The only thing that keeps the schools going now is someone's bright idea to keep the curriculum- there were only two or three people well enough to run the school yesterday (their hands were shaking even then, and their vomit was still on the floor in some places), and now nobody had been seen all day. Tom suddenly snarls violently and casts his pencil aside in disgust. “This is ****ing bullshit. I'm not going to sit here and do ****ing math problems while my dad is on his deathbed."

    Marshall, not far away, smashes a display case at the local Big K-Mart sporting goods section, and picks up a shotgun. His friend Craig,a freshman and Chinese like him, selects a scoped hunting rifle. Talic, Dennis, and Sparks, other rough-looking Chinamen like him, go through the area, looking for things they like. They all wear long Ka-Bars, lifted from the army surplus store, and Marshall has a pistol jammed into the waistband of his pants. A half dozen stray dogs of varying sizes roam the store, too, occasionally knocking something over, but they are paid no mind."

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