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    Name: Aurianna [Aw-ri-AH-N-e] [Meaning: Either breeze or golden] Though usually prefers the names of Auri or Aune
    Age: Twenty
    Occupation: Storyteller
    Race: Faery
    Appearance: Aune is a pretty young lady, she's very elegant and graceful with how she walks, her skin is mellow. Her hair is long, dark, adorned with flowers, it's curled at the bottom strands. Her eyes are dark and seem to be able to see into your mind. Aune tends to wear simple clothes, she wears a white, cotton, blouse that is strapless, so that it shows her shoulders, she also wears a dark green dress that goes down to her lower shins. She also wears laced-up boots that start at her ankles.
    Personality: She has this lost princess feel to her - as she is kind by heart, caring and motherly. She often carries herself in a proud and dignified manner, despite this, she has a fun almost childlike nature to her which makes her very popular with children. She also tells the most wonderful and amazing stories, she tells these with such preciseness it's almost actually like she's actually been to the wonderful places told in her stories. Though curiously, she never tells about her past. She's quite wise as well, for someone so young and always seems to have a explanation for everything. She is quite stubborn, goes on the offensive easily, and sticks firmly to her beliefs. Aune's not the one to be in the same place for so long, she's always seems to be in a different kingdom every day and sometimes even goes missing for months. Before appearing once again in another village, telling some more of her tales. Auri has always been very fond of children and children tend to gravitate towards her as well, because of this she's naturally very motherly and maternal.
    Background: Aune never tells about past, it's just something she never discusses with anyone. So she always tends to leave people guessing wherever she goes. Perhaps Auri is royalty, those who know her claim that she has a lost princess feel to her. Maybe a runaway princess, fleeing from some scandal and now hiding under the guise of a lowly traveller. Though she claims to though places in the East, it's fully know whether it's true or it's just one of Aune's many stories, as she is quite the storyteller. Whatever Auri's story is some hope that they will find out about her past.