Robert Jordan's Conan books in paperback

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    Robert Jordan, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Wheel of Time series, has been called the greatest writer since Robert E. Howard to tell the stories of Conan the Barbarian. Now available for the first time in one volume are three of his most breathtaking chronicles. Jordan's Conan books are getting rereleased together in paperback form in September.

    In Conan the Magnificent, our hero is stalked amid the savage crags of the Kezankian Mountains, caught between rival armies as the sultry huntress Jondra closes in. Faced with hordes of Kezankian hillmen, Conan must defeat the evil sorcerer Basrakan Imalla, only to face his toughest contest yet, against that which cannot be slain: the Beast of Fire.

    In Conan the Triumphant, the mighty Cimmerian enters the service of the sumptuous Lady Synelle, unaware that she is the secret high priestess of the vile demon-god Al'Kirr. Intent on the brutal slaughter of lovely maidens and perfect warriors, the demon begins its unstoppable assault on a land torn by anarchy--until Conan emerges from the chaos, hungry for the blood of the beast.

    In the third chronicle, Conan faces his most terrifying adversary yet--the Sivani, demon guardians of the ancient tombs of the Vendhyan kings. Trapped in a fabled, mysterious land, he must first seek out an antidote to the unknown poison coursing through his veins, then resist the charms of the voluptuous noblewoman Vyndra, if he is to emerge Conan the Victorious.

    Of the six novels Jordan contributed to the Conan series (well, seven, if you count the alt-history Conan the Destroyer), three have been assembled for rerelease: 1983's Conan the Triumphant and 1984's Conan the Magnificent and Conan the Victorious. (The other three appear in Jordan's first collection, The Conan Chronicles.)