RIP Resident Evil *cries in a corner somewhere*

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    I'll be honest here: This is gonna be some type of big rant about the RE series, and I do that a lot. But all the other forums I go on are either dead or full of people who are not particularly intelligent. To be honest, I'm not really that fond of gaming forums anymore. I've decided to quit all of them as of today, because I know that none of them care about my viewpoints in any case...

    So, um. I've been a fan of RE since I was about 14 and I'm 33 now. I'm actually a guy. This alias I use is taken from the somewhat similar horror related Alone in the Dark games, and considering all the hassle I've had from people, this pseudonym should have been retired long ago.

    But anyway, the decline started with RE4 in my eyes. It's a stupid game. As an action game all on its own, it's fine. But it just sucks as a RE game. It has literally nothing to do with RE whatsoever, other than the fact that you once again play as Leon S. Kennedy from RE2 in it, and you're treated to a few references to past events. Other than that, it's like it totally disregarded the previous entries.

    I'll take you back to RE2, RE3: Nemesis and CVX for a minute. Anybody who survived the events of those games promised to get revenge against the Umbrella Corporation over what they did. After all, many people died and Raccoon City had to be blown up too. But RE4 begins... and Leon is looking for the president's daughter, and shooting hundreds of villagers for hours and hours. That has nothing to do with what the other games worked up to at all. You also pick up bullets and cash from deceased enemies, and some of the enemies don't look like they even should be in a RE game. Ogres. Druids. Some midget pirate looking guy in a castle full of deadly traps. And even that dog from Haunting Ground (also by Capcom) shows up a few times, and his name is Hewie. Like a load of hooey? Get the joke? No matter what the enemy is, this shoot and loot garbage occurs. That's also dumb.

    In the other games, only Mr. X from RE2 and Nemesis dropped stuff. That made sense though, as they wore vests, and that was a rare exception, enemy-wise, since they were considerably harder to defeat than the normal monsters. Not even zombie soldiers or police officers had bullets on them though, and the monsters were not spawned from being injected by parasites, but rather, they were created via viral exposure. So this threw the general RE rules right out of the window, because Capcom knew the old games didn't rake in the big bucks, and then they just made up stupid plot aspects and killed off Albert Wesker eventually. This occurred in RE5, which was a game with co-op that played very much like RE4, only it takes place in Africa, and they cut and pasted the same enemies, but altered their race to appear black. Later on, Wesker is revealed to have a son, and then you found out he had a sister called Alex. What the hell?

    Sorry, but what on Earth happened to the big showdown with Umbrella? You see? This is why I hate Capcom so much. They released a bland on-rails game called The Umbrella Chronicles, which was mostly a remake of the other games, but it had new plot stuff clumped into it as well, about the end of Umbrella, when Chris and Jill went to Russia to investigate a lab in a snowy region. Only, it sucks as a RE game overall. You fight monsters by shooting a cursor at enemies, using a Wii remote. It isn't even done in the traditional RE style either. The remade sections feel rushed, pointless, and silly.

    Then Konami decided not to complete their eagerly awaited game, Silent Hills, resulting in a lot of backlash and this continues even in 2019. So Capcom just ripped off Konami's game for 7: Biohazard. You play a guy you never see because it's a game that is entirely shown from a first person perspective, and he is looking for his wife inside a house that is located near a swamp, and you don't even fight a wide variety of creatures at all. You fight a "possessed" family, and black humanoids called the Molded that look like black goo with teeth and claws. The exact same ones come at you, all the way through. In the first RE game alone, you had zombies, spiders, crows, sharks, a big plant, Hunters and a lot more creatures to contend with, and it had a way more engaging storyline. The RE2 remake was lame because every zombie takes 30 bullets to kill it, even if you shoot it in the skull. Yet in the opening scene, you can see Leon go to a gas station, shoot a zombie once in the head, and it then slumps over for good. Wow!

    Then you get a lot of enemies that were for some reason, deleted from the original RE2 roster. No more spiders in the sewers, for example, and Leon and Claire don't act all that serious. They act too much like they are meant to be flirting. That was also wrong. Ada no longer wears a red dress. That was her trademark, damn it!

    Later on, Chris Redfield (aka just simply "Redfield" when addressing Ethan Winters) shows up in a chopper in 7: Biohazard, with other men, and it's a chopper with an Umbrella logo, which is shown as being blue now rather than red. Because you had to wait nearly a year to play the crappy Not a Hero DLC, you initially were left to ponder if this dude was somebody just simply posing as Chris. Only Capcom revealed afterwards that it was the real Chris on a mission, and he really looks nothing like his old self. For this RE Engine that Capcom developed, uses photo realism, so they needed a real actor to model him, so the person they hired was a bad choice. He looks absolutely nothing like Chris from RE5 and 6. It's just stupid.

    Revelations 2, I actually liked. But then I later found out they ripped off The Last of Us. The winter section with Moira Burton copies the winter section with Ellie, when she had to go hunting animals for food. Really, Capcom? Why did you rip off Naughty Dog's legendary game here, Capcom? Why?! Not to mention, that all the plot stuff in the entire series is thrown in at random these days, and never really ever gets resolved, because when the next sequel comes out eventually, it is once again focusing on something entirely unrelated to what happened in the prior release. So why even bother? Uh! Uh! Uh! I want to just slap them in the face so badly, because their creativity is so poor. :confused:

    The last straw for me is the fact that they green-lit this 100% awful looking new, co-op spin off game they announced at Tokyo Game Show. Project Resistance?! It looks like a steaming turd that came out of your anus not even 10 minutes ago. This is a total waste of money and has zero to do with the Oubreak side story games that we wanted to have brought back, you money hungry hacks over at Capcom! :mad:

    Meh. This used to be a brilliant franchise that got me excited. Now it gets me feeling... aggressive. :oops:
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