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    Name: Arawn

    Age: 7604

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human, necromancer

    Appearance: He has black hair. In the front, it reaches to the bottom of his jaw and in the back it's a little longer than shoulder-length, having the look of a tail. His eyes are a dark grey, almost black, and are the whirlpools of darkness. His skin is pale, almost deathly. He has a decidedly fair and handsome face. He is often clad in a black robe, cloak, gloves, and soft leather boots. He does not usually wear anything that indicates his rank, though his walk should definitly alert you.

    Personality: Arawn is the Necromancer King, and so is extremely aristocratic, though curteous at times. He is silent, cold, has a wicked charm, and has a cold disregard for everyone. He does not care about anyone either, so their death or wounding has no real affect on him. Though he usually has a calmness about him, his anger will come quick.

    History: He is the son of the Moon and Sun; it was the Sun however, that had raped the Moon.
    He was once married and had childeren. But in order to keep himself from dying, he sacrificed them himself, making himself become immortal. It was then that he turned away from the light and began the practice of necromancy. The only one able to tame the darkness, he now is able to use it to his will, creating a freezing blue fire from its darkness and melting into forms he so chooses.

    Weapons: A sabre that contains the Darkness Tamed, and many knives and daggers hidden throughout his clothing and limbs.