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    Multi-posting this so most members can see it

    Hi everyone

    Lately we've had some members causing problems and I for one would like to say a) ffs stop it and play nicely!, and b) sorry that we as Mods have been a bit absent at times. TFF has been around for over 10 years and some of us have been here nearly the whole time. We've made a little community on the web that I think is quite rare in its longevity and mostly, in its good natured camaraderie.

    The Lord of the Rings movies really fired up this place and although that huge influx of modern fantasy material that had us all going nuts has somewhat dwindled over the years, TFF had continued to chug along. However, as we're now all 10+ years older, life situations of members have changed. Heck, Padme and Anakin met here and got married irl which is pretty awesome

    I personally am very busy with work and being a dad to 2 young kids, and my available time at TFF has shrunk drastically compared to what it used to be. But I do still care deeply about this place, as do Turambar and Overread, the two other most active (and newest) mods currently on TFF regularly.

    "Back in the day" when the mods were more active, we'd mod stuff lightly but constantly, moving posts to relevant areas, merging duplicate threads, banning spammers, and generally being visible was like having a cop car driving around your neighbourhood - simply seeing one around made people behave a bit more politely. We have been letting lots of stuff slip through the gaps in our time, and for that I apologise.

    Let me just say, we do not like wielding the ban hammer, and we do it as a last resort. However we will do it as required, short term or permanent. But we need your help. We can't read every post, in every thread, in every section, every day. So please use the report function. It's actually faster for us to get a few emails targeting certain threads/posts of concern, than it is to trawl though the entire site every day.
    For those who've never used it, the Report button is near the bottom left of each

    These are my own rambling thoughts and not those of Tur and OR or any other mod, although they may agree in part or whole. I'll leave that to them to say if they wish. We love TFF and want to keep it in good shape, so please don't be shy of reporting posts. It'll really help us out, which will help the community overall.



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