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    Name: Rikai Sil'ves

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Occupation: Thief/Assassin

    Description: Short sun-gold coloured hair, coupled with his startling blue eyes, makes him seem innocent, almost pure. Hansome face, marred by knife scar on right cheek. Built and strong body, average height.

    Biography: An extremely resourceful young man. Has been on his own since before he can remember. Has no memory of parents. Learned survival skills very early. Toughened by his childhood. Many grew to fear him, even though he was very young. Possesses an extreme, animal like anger, where he can go from quiet and withdrawn to a blood thirsty rage if pushed too far. Has killed before, and would willingly do so again. Has never known 'love'. His arch nemesis is a green dragon named Azdin. He used to kill and steal for Azdin in exchange for food, and was the best assassin of Azdin's league. But he deserted Azdin because he wanted more, to kill for his own money, to be his own man.

    Attire: Black tunic with black leggings, black softboots, black leather gloves. Wears a suit of mithril underneath his tunic and leggings. Weapons usually on display, with more that are not visible.

    Weapons: Longsword in sheath at his back, with bow and quiver of arrows hung on his back as well. Daggers concealed in sheaths on his forearms, under the tunic. Throwing darts dipped in poison are kept strapped to his thigh. Any other weapon that takes his fancy, he can use.

    Special Traits: Extremely agile and quick. Expert at disguising and concealment. Master weapons handler; learned from a young age. Can wield almost any weapon he picks up with skill unexpected of one so young. Possesses an animal rage. Can see into the future, but is unable to decipher what the visions mean. Time and training will reveal this to him. Can sense someones moods and emotions if he concentrates on a person. Reflexes that can tell him when someone is going to strike before they strike.
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