"Remil" coat of arms

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    hello hello
    its kinda quiet here
    lemme make some noise...

    in a story i'm sorta writting
    i have a prince whose last name is Remil
    he's been appearing in there for two years or so, according to my computer log

    thinking that all medieval heroes always have a coat of arms i began surfing the web looking for material to craft his
    since coats of arms are closely related to the last name, step one was to find out if the word actually existed and had some meaning...
    unless google translator has some major bugs, the word "remil" is supposed to mean "geomancy" in Turkish

    today is the day where i found out my prince is Turkish!
    interesting since my story is a cruzades parody with actual demons lurking around

    and its kinda ironic too the fact that geomancy is - as far as i know, tell me if i'm wrong - a pagan practice and the Remil happen to be crusaders - or so they say.

    the problem here is about the coat of arms; my prince needs one
    the remil betray him and send him into exile... cant say he joins the "enemies" afterwards, but...
    the symbol of his new army became that of "the Royal House of Remil, but slashed twice"

    so, what can i use in the coat of arms?
    i've seen coats with just stripes dots or stars but i'd like something less abstract

    other charactes have these coats of arms
    a hawthorn with an eye in the middle
    a trident and a wheel
    a book and a sword
    a dragon holding a crown