Relentless Intolerance...

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    I'm not the one who has to ask why,
    If life actually ends when we die,
    For me, that's when the battle begins,
    And I'll never be the one whose knee bends...

    For any amount of money or in the presence of pain,
    Radical, extremist, martyrdom is just a way to gain,
    Drums of war, against a science of lies,
    A grandiose army from the eastern skies...

    Strike back at the enemy, engage and never retreat,
    Anything less than annihilation is an utter defeat,
    Heavy laden with an archaic way of living,
    Master the art of selflessness and giving...

    Militant and raw, a thorn in the side of their eye,
    Irritating skin, inflaming flesh, bleeding them dry,
    Mold them by way of hammer and fire,
    A love that will take them ever higher...

    Breathe in, breathe in, the ashes of a new day,
    The meat they feast upon will rot and and decay,
    The well is poisoned, the fruits full of worms,
    A plague on all nations, until they come to our terms...

    Scorch the landscape, a new burned over kingdom,
    Every man, every woman, the parents and children,
    A flag, not of man, but something higher,
    The rest just struggle, the noose gets tighter...

    Live what you preach, love all those around you,
    And may heavenly grace fully abound you,
    All roads lead home, your soul knows the way,
    Take up arms with me, and then into the fray...

    Relentless intolerance, unending prejudice,
    All those who would do evil, behold your nemesis,
    The end all, be all of bringer of justice,
    Swift as wind, righteous as ever, I will not miss...