Releasing the storm

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    As I wait here patiently
    Since Saturday night you have not contacted me
    I wonder what you are doing over there
    My life is different with out you, I can feel it in the air

    You are the only girl in the world I want to see
    The one I open up to emotionally
    I would like to see you again
    I'm not sure when

    It is up to you
    An what you have planned to do
    You drive me crazy in my mind in many ways
    To hold you and kiss you again, I'm counting the days

    I know your phone is dead
    It's different not saying good night to you before I go to bed
    With in my mind I wonder how you are dealing with this?
    Is this hell or is this bliss?

    I know many cannot deal with me
    Few cannot understand me, as I learn eventually
    If you can tolerate me and accept me then feelings can be there
    That you do not express and you are not even fully aware

    Even with this break, I only want you
    If you continue to feel the same for me that would be a dream come true
    I told you that there is potential, and I never throw that away
    By your side and in your life is where I want to stay