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    |Open your eyes|
    | Stand with us |
    | Hear only truth|
    |Yesterday gone|
    | Tomorrow ours|
    |Because we stand upon the solid ground of the rock of ages, forgiven and determined |
    |We will not be contained, nor will we be denied. As numerous like stars, twice as bright|
    | We are the ones whose ears are open, eyes have received sight, and minds are open |
    | And, no matter how much you shun the truth, it is still the truth. The truth we know |
    |Now, it is up to us to spread such a truth, among the population who is without the it|
    |Spreading fire|
    | Glorious rain |
    |A flood of red|
    |Cleansed soul|
    |Before a few |
    |Now a legion |
    |We are ready|
    |War is coming|
    |Sword in hand|
    |Shield as well|
    |New defiance|
    |Marching to it|
    |Cloaked in light|
    |Persecute dark|
    |Prepare for war|
    |Three iron holes|
    |One sturdy tree|
    |Eternity is ours |
    | You see it now|
    | I know you do |
    | Truth is there |
    |Ignoring it or not|
    |Has been forever|
    | And always will |
    |Carved by metal|
    |Into flesh and bone|