Recent movements in Comic Movie Sequels

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    "X-Men 3"

    Joss Whedon, known best for his creation of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer has reportedly been signed on to the task of directing the next X-Men sequel. Production is scheduled to start in Summer '05 in Canada.

    Hulk 2

    Although the big green guy didn't do so fabulously in box office numbers, (which is unfortunate...I loved the film) if SuperHeroHype is to be believed, we should "expect a major announcement from Avi Arad soon about who the new director for Hulk 2 will be." Not only that, but Michal France is slated to write a draft for the second movie's script, but focusing on putting The Hulk into a "more superhero role".


    Are you a fan of Aquaman? Don't worry. Few are these days. And the producers of the soon to be produced movie apparently know it. So one of the ideas they have for the film at this point is to turn it into a "goofy screwball comedy". Quote: "Sicne he's such a stupid character let's play that up." - Alan & Peter Riche, and Ben Grant

    Is it any wonder that DC movies have done poorly in the past, ala Batman, whilst Marvel movies have done generally pretty well, ala X-Men, Spider-Man?