Rebuttal of Self...

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    Oh how you cry about every little thing,
    But what happened to life losing its sting,
    To not submitting to the will of force,
    And to the hard headedness of course...

    It's like the lights went out upstairs,
    The morbid airs and void, blank stares,
    Give up if you want, on your knees then,
    But I thought you were waiting on life to begin...

    Play your role as a sacrifice,
    If being a victim will suffice,
    Or break the chains, show them some heart,
    Get up or give in, either stop it or start...

    Thorns under the skin, thorns in your eyes,
    Don't concern yourself with worms and flies,
    Set your eyes on a higher goal,
    One reached with your soul...

    Stretch, twist, and bend ever skyward,
    If you want to grace angels, reach higher,
    And don't look back, don't ever fall,
    This is the other side, your wake up call...