Rearrangement Tonight

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Boomer, Jan 9, 2004.

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    Hello everyone! Since the boards are getting so large we are going to be rearranging the boards tonight. We are going to streamline the boards into the following groups:

    General Forums
    --This would include general TFF Boards.

    Fantasy Forums
    --This would include Medievil boards, etc

    Movie Forums
    --This would include LoTR Movie Boards, Star Wars, etc

    Book Forums
    --This would include LoTR Book Boards, Harry Potter Book Boards, An expanded Wheel of Time Board, etc

    Music Forums
    --This would include a new Soundtracks Board, Bling Guardian Board, etc

    Gaming Forums
    --This would include the Games Workshop Boards, a new Magic: The Gathering Board, etc

    Television Forums
    --This would include General TV Boards, etc

    Fun Forums
    --This would include Polls, A new Shamelesspulgs area for your websites, etc

    RPG Forums
    --This would include The Kingdom's, etc

    Support Center
    --All Questions, Comments & Concern's will go here.

    This will all happen tonight and we are confident that things will be much more organized and streamlined.