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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It has come to my attention that many new members to the Sword of Truth Section are re-posting topics which have already been posted. We have two topics concerning the Mini-Series. Two topics concerning Pillars of Creation. From now on I Encourage you to do a search before you post a topic because in many cases the topic already exists. Considering I'm one of the founding members who petitioned this section, I would ask that you do this as a favor. You can find the topics by looking at the Display Options tab which is located beneath this text box. Below that you will have three option windows. One states: Sorted By which means you can sort the list by the most recent post being first in the order. Or you may sort by using the Sort Order which means the order will be shown in ascending order from the time the first section was created and all the way to the topic to date. And finally, this is the search I encourage you to use, is the From The search box, Please click the box and scroll down to the Beginning Option and click the show threads tool. I advise you to do this from now on. Thank you.

    One of the Founders of the Sword of Truth Section
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