Ray Bradbury Interview

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    Ray Bradbury, author of such classics as Something Evil This Way Comes and Farenheit 451 is well known in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy universe.

    "Ray Bradbury began publishing in 1941 and is still going strong. He is the recipient of honors and awards too numerous to mention, including the O. Henry Prize and the Grand Master Award from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

    Ray Bradbury is a hard man to catch up with, although I have been reading him all my life. In my first few tries at this interview, we had to postpone, because he was unexpectedly on his way somewhere. I caught up with Ray in what now seems a timeless telephonic moment one spring evening at the turn of the century ..."


    The author, recently turned 82, gives an in-depth interview, including intimite information regarding his trials, inspirations and accomplishments since he first began publishing over sixty years ago. Click here for the full interview.
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