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    I leaned against the cell wall as silence echoed through the halls of the abandoned insane asylum. I looked around at the small room I was enclosed in. A single bed was stuck in the corner, bolted to the floor and no windows. The bed was a simple mattress on a wire frame; the walls were pure white and had little cracks in the plaster.
    I glared at the walls as I heard muffled footsteps from beyond the metal door I could easily break. I let out a small inhuman growl as I stood up, he was approaching the door, making sure it was locked, making sure we couldn’t escape, pathetic attempt to keep the Eradicators caged.
    I was one of many experiments that had been conducted within this place; it had been turned from an abandoned insane asylum into a laboratory. They created children here, children who could fight in the war that had just been finished.
    We were called Eradicators, since we had been created to kill, but our creator Vice, couldn’t stop after the war ended, so he continued to make us all. But what he didn’t obviously count on was us rebelling against him, escaping from this hell. But now, our training was complete, and we would forever be the monsters we were created to be.
    I smiled as I walked to the wall opposite of the door; I stared at it as darkness crept in from under the door, nighttime, time for our escape to begin.
    I rushed forward and slammed my shoulder hard against the metal door. There was a scream of the bolts being wrenched from the wall, the scream continued through the silent laboratory as I flicked my finger and every door was wrenched from the wall; easy escape.
    I watched as the others joined me at my side. “Ready Stir,” Etch asked as he joined me at my side, I smiled and looked at him, we were at least 10 years old; at least we were created 10 years ago.
    I smiled and watched the end of the hallway as footsteps ran towards us, “Yep,” I said as Etch melted into the darkness; he had control over the shadows, and was able to become one himself, I however was a telekinetic. We had decided how to form our group when we ran tonight. The 10 of us that had gifts; would perimeter the ones that didn’t.
    I smiled as they pulled out their guns to fire, and I formed a shield around us all as fire was flung forward from Imp, our pyrokinetic in the group.
    She laughed maniacally as the room began haze. I began to chuckle darkly as Etch stepped out of the darkness behind them and broke the necks of three guards before they noticed he was there, as they aimed their guns at him I snapped my fingers and the walls began to crumble, several of them were crushed beneath the large shards of concrete that fell to the ground.
    I smiled as we started forward, the guards were dead, and we needed to escape this hellhole. I smiled at Etch as he joined me at my side once more and we ran, unmet, to the courtyard where we were occasionally allowed out of the laboratory to.
    I looked around at the high walls and the dark forest beyond it. I looked around as bullets began to pound to the ground around us. I looked up to see them in the watch tower; I pushed my shield up again. Fire, ice, water, and electricity was shot forward as bullets rained down at my shield, easily bouncing off and hitting the occasional guard.
    I kept the shield up as Foist, Vent, Crash, Deject, and Etch attacked the solid concrete wall. Soon it was broken down, and we were running.
    I smiled as we ran as fast as we could through the forest. Our muscles being pushed to their fullest extent and our powers being used for the first time in years, we would have the occasional battle between ourselves. But we had never shown those pathetic humans what we could do; so this was a surprise to them, but a sheer delight to us.
    I ran through the dark green forest, leaves whipping at my skin. Branches tugging at our bland clothes, I slowed calmly to a stop as the others filtered around me. I looked around at them; we were all beaming with pride, until we heard the sound of the massive truck revving. We were running before the truck even burst through the leaves and branches.
    I was running fast as the trucks tried to catch up with us. I smiled as we easily began to out run them. Simultaneously I turned around and raised my hands fast into the air, the earth burst into the sky, cutting off their path as they attempted to follow us, I heard the crashes and explosions as the trucks collided with the ground.
    I turned and ran back to the others who had made it to a nearby meadow. I entered the meadow and looked at them; Etch was sitting in the grass as he ran his fingers over the lush blades. I walked over to them and sat in the grass beside them; it was a circle of pride, we made it.
    I smiled and looked at them, “Stir, what are we gonna do now?” asked Crash, I looked at her and bit my lip gently.
    “I’m not sure yet, we’ll decide tomorrow though, I don’t think they’ll make it to us tonight, so I think we’re safe enough to sleep for now,” I replied softly, she nodded and the others all began to get comfortable in the grass, ready for the peaceful slumber that would hopefully not hold the nightmares for the next day’s work.
    I lay down and rested my face against the lush grass, softer than the bed I had once slept in. Vent’s climate control kicking in as the weather warmed, blanketing us with the heat that kept us warm that night. I smiled and sighed peacefully as I drifted easily into a dreamless slumber.

    I awoke the next morning and the others were walking around the meadow, waiting for me to awake. I yawned and sat up they all walked quickly over to me, Etch was sitting beside me; watching me as I woke myself up fully.
    “Okay,” I finally said after I finished stretching out and waking up, “The first thing we need to do is find a town, see where we are and get ourselves settled somewhere in it,” I said calmly.
    “Shouldn’t we pick some where further away from the laboratory? That way Vice doesn’t find us,” Foist said as she floated near the ground but hovering just above the grass.
    Foist had the ability of flight, and she loved to show it off whenever she could. Now she had that chance and she was gonna take it.
    I thought for a second, that seems logical, but wouldn’t Vice have thought of a way to counter that?
    I looked up at them all, “I think we might be able to do that, but for now let’s just try and find a town, so let’s get moving, okay?” I said calmly, they nodded and we were off. I loved the feel of the wind on my face and the grass against my feet. I inhaled the woodsy scent of the trees and the scent of the pines upon them. I pushed hard off the ground, pushing me further ahead of the others, and we began to run faster, harder, more determined.
    I looked over at Etch as he ran, the look on his face was almost frightening, determined yes, but anger seemed to fuel his energy. He was using his anger towards Vice to run faster.
    I smiled and ran faster with them, I slowed slightly as the trees began to thin I looked at the others and they looked at me, we slowed calmly to a walk as we found the exit from the forest. We pushed through the trees and bushes as we walked into the morning sunlight.
    I looked around at the place, there was a concrete walk beneath us, and as we all entered the place I inhaled the air, the scent of exhaust and fuel was heavy in the air, I could hear horns honking and people shouting in the distance and I stared around me.
    A dark morning, followed by many more...


    Hope you enjoyed it, Tell me what oyu think, I'll be posting more later