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    Okay, this is not an idea that I've created, but seen done. It's rather fun and is a great way to exercise that writing muscle.

    Here's the gist of it:


    The poster above you will present you with three quotes that you must use in a story. The quotes may be random and strange, but you must tie them into a coherent story, whether that be 20 words, or 100...as many or as few as you want. When you finish making your story you will provide three new quotes, that the next poster will use in there story.

    Just Google "famous quotes" or something or something of the like if you don't know any of your own. I like the Google option because it can get some random ones that make for a fun read.

    Let the fun begin and here are the first three quotes:

    1. "Golden, Ripe, Boneless Bananas, 39 Cents A Pound."
    2. "Men, chocolate, and coffee are all better rich."
    3. "Do you have a Bandaid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you."
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    (Do the quotes have to be in order? Anyway, here’s what I wrote. Sorry it ends abruptly. I’ve never finished a story, so I’m not very good at it. x_x Also, the quotes are bolded, so you can find them easily)

    Robbie propped his feet on the counter, watching the door of the shop. It was the first day of school for the local high school, and bound to be a slow day, which he was thankful for. He’d spent the entire night surfing the internet and could now use this time to catch up on some much needed sleep. He draped a magazine over his face, leaving just enough room to see the cash register.

    He’d only closed his eyes for a moment when his feet were shoved off the counter, and replaced by the body of a girl his age. From beneath the magazine he examined the body, hoping to determine who it was. He knew by the lack of skin exposure and leather that this was Kiri.

    “Hi Kiri,” he made no attempt at disguising his annoyance. She wouldn’t be offended.

    "No napping today, Robbie,” she said, by way of greeting, “Big boss is in town. We’ll need to look our best,”

    “Right.” Robbie groaned and sat up as Kiri slid off the counter, gliding across the room to dust the books and instruments. A tiny bell announced the arrival of a customer, and Robbie’s attention was drawn to the door. She held the strap of a shoulder bag, and was hesitating with the door open.

    “You can come in, you know,”

    “What do you have in here?” she let the door shut behind her, and dropped her bag on the floor as she delivered a slight bow in his direction.

    Golden, ripe, boneless bananas, 39 cents a pound.” was Robbie’s instant response. He ignored the death glare from his co-worker across the room.

    “Oh? I thought you would have music here. I’m terribly sorry,” her voice quivered, and Robbie could tell she was shaking.

    “Don’t mind him,” Fanora placed a hand on her shoulder as she passed by, delivering a wink to the girl. Fanora had dressed conservatively this day, with high boots a knee-length skirt. Even so, the girl seemed intimidated, “He’s a compulsive liar,” Robbie seethed as Fanora shot him a malicious wink, steering the customer away from the counter.

    Fanora left the customer to deliberate at a pile of music books, and Kiri met her at the counter,

    “You’re supposed to use the back door, Fanora,” she admonished. Fanora politely responded with a simple shrug and a sudden change of topic,

    “I heard something about you today, Kiri,” Fanora lifted herself onto the counter, crossing her feet at the ankles. Kiri studied Fanora with feigned disinterest.

    “Oh?” She brushed Fanora’s shoe with her duster playfully, as Robbie put himself to work at untying her boots. Fanora kicked his hand,

    “These took hours to lace up. Don’t undo it,” Robbie grunted and sat back as Fanora turned to Kiri, “I heard that Dominick proposed,”

    “I said no,” Kiri responded flatly, but went on to explain, “He needs to finish with college, and apply himself to a career. Until then, we have no future,”

    “Just as well. Like my mother always said, ‘Men, chocolate, and coffee are all better rich.’. Best advice I ever received from her.” Fanora stated matter-of-factly. Robbie couldn’t help but snort. “Other than warning me about this loser, anyway,” Fanora followed up, gesturing at Robbie, who pretended to be indignant. He was about the retort when Kiri’s duster brushed his face.

    “Customer,” was her warning. Fanora leapt off the counter, grinning brightly at Robbie, who turned to the shy girl, who stood clutching a lap harp and a book of songs. Robbie reached out for the goods, and she flinched away.

    “Hey now, I’m not dangerous,” he smiled reassuringly, using the voice he used on stray cats and dogs. She reluctantly handed Robbie her harp and book, which he checked for a price sticker. The total price was above what he suspected she could pay. Robbie glanced at her out of the corner of her eye, and saw that she had pulled out a small amount of money. Already, she seemed ready to faint from embarrassment. He decided to rectify the situation and whirled to face her,

    Do you have a Bandaid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you,” Fanora stomped painfully on his toe as Kiri elbowed him harshly in the ribs and the girl fled from the store,

    “What’d you have to go and say a thing like that for?” Fanora hissed angrily.

    “Have you lost your mind to hit on somebody so frail?” Kiri delivered another punch to his arm. Robbie rubbed it ashamedly,

    “Maybe if you’d let me take a nap, rather than put me on register. . .” Robbie retorted skillfully. Kiri pointed to the backroom,

    “Go check out. With the boss coming, there’s no telling what you’ll do to put us in disgrace,”

    My quotes:

    1 .You have the count of three before I eat your face.
    2. The only thing I can't do is believe what I'm doing.
    3.In a week who knows. In a month, who gives?
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