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    Full Name: Quentin Caelean
    Nicknames: The Wild One
    Profession/Class: Healer
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-Elf
    Alignment: Good
    Demeanour: He is loyal, courageous, and kind
    Weapon/Magic of Choice: His trusty bow

    Eye Colour: Blue
    Hair Colour: Blonde
    Age: Unknown
    Birthmarks or Scars: None
    General Appearance: (A paragraph or however much you want)
    Quentin appears to most as a tall Elf. He has deep blue eyes and bright yellow hair. Quentin is 6” 7’ tall and weighs approximately 150 lbs.

    Priorities: To survive
    Influences: His father and his friends
    Goals: To someday find a companion, go on a quest, and gain self-confidence.
    Strengths: He is excellent with archery
    Habits: He often bites his nails
    Weaknesses or Flaws: None
    General Personality: (Paragraph or however much you want)
    Quentin’s personality is that of a common elf. He has goals to achieve, is good with the bow and arrow, and enjoys the thrill of the hunt. He will never let his companions down.

    Father: High-Elf Faenaro Caelaen
    Mother: He never knew her
    Siblings: None
    Lover: None yet
    Other Family:
    Companions or Pets: Has a pet dog that travels around with him

    General History:

    Quentin was found as a baby in the woods. The Elflord there adopted him as his son and he was immediately born into royalty. For his early years, he spent his time training in archery and hunting with his friends. However his time of peace and fun were not meant to last. The butler of the family poisoned his father and the entire household. Now with his father and friends gone, Quentin decided to journey to the far beyond to find new adventures. His main goal is to survive, but he also wants to succeed in life.
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