Push It Down...

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    Hope you're satisfied with the lie you created,
    The truth you have left behind, duly desecrated,
    Your words are those of a fool,
    Purpose is that of a broken tool...

    But keep on, keep on pushing it down,
    Into your lungs until you've drown,
    Push it down, hide it down deep,
    The seeds you sew, you will reap...

    I hope you choke on your lies,
    Choke to death, glazed over eyes,
    Strangled by the ropes of your own hypocrisy,
    As you wormed your way into the Devil's aristocracy...

    Nailed to a crucifix your own broken bones,
    And you'll never die any other way than alone,
    Hammered to the floor by unbridled wrath,
    With only you to blame, you chose this path...

    Live and die like a coward in dark,
    A lash on your back for every remark,
    But you'll keep on, keep on pushing it down,
    Wearing your rotted face like a king's crown...

    Drink it up and try to stomach the fear,
    That you'll lose everything you hold dear,
    Drink it down just to throw it back up,
    Force you to sip from Death's sour cup...

    Knuckles so swollen, eyes so black,
    Who stands taller without your kneecaps?
    Advocates and slaves of a black crown,
    I order you now, to push it down...