Prologue "The last stand"

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    The Indians are the real Americans of this land
    They originally owned the rivers, mountains and beach sand
    Nature was there true friend
    Their native companion til the end

    A life style that came sadly came to an end
    Every battle that was finished they had less land to defend
    They were invaded by europeans who left England for a better life
    To break away from the rules but destroy with a gun and a knife

    Oh how they loved it here
    Thinking the land was for the taking with no fear
    I wonder how this country would be if we never came
    There would be no cities, stadiums and companies with a different name

    As the settlers killed off the Brit's in another war
    They returned to their ambition to go west wanting more
    Did they assume the Indians would go down with out a fight?
    To defend their land was their right

    Problem was the Indians never unified and became as one
    As some thought they could be friends with a man who had a gun
    The lack of a combined effort is what did them in
    A war that I suppose fate didn't want them to win

    A belief that peace was a possibility
    Peace with one self and with mother nature was a vision many did see
    They used the land for good and never wasted anything
    In the end a divided nation costed them everything