Prepare Yourself...

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    It's a trap, it's an ambush,
    I'm finally back on my tush,
    Chilling all up in my crib, wrapped in a blanky,
    Me and my right hand getting hanky panky...

    Gotta make up for lost times,
    Might as well go commit some crimes,
    Against all of humanity,
    And most laws of sanity...

    I'm finally back in my real white skin,
    The film between reality and me is so thin,
    This place feels so empty without me,
    I mean just look around and see if you see...

    I'm here to give the place a little more mass,
    Let me help you pull your head out your trash,
    Wait, what, who am I to be saying all these things,
    I mean, name one this no-name, shrimp boy brings...

    No! I ain't short, Shogun is just smoking some Indiana Bush,
    Not the drug, ex-prez, the literary strong man chilling with that douche,
    Maybe I could be original this time, talk all in binary,
    No wait, I did that, but I'm so good that original ain't necessary!

    An instant classic, not a photo copy, the one and only,
    And re-runs of Jenna Haze keep me from being lonely,
    So what if I like it retro like Super Mario Brothers,
    Last hobby involved hitting my on my girlfriend's mother...

    That was a mistake, at least I think, yet to be seen
    Sixteen charges brought against me for feeling up the Queen,
    Now I don't get to visit the Prince's special place,
    I heard protein is great for complexion on the face...

    Woe! Hey, moving right along to the next topic,
    Topical, on top of things, my shame is microscopic,
    So full of myself, I have to blow up,
    And no, I will never grow up...

    I got all this pent up rage, blah blah blah,
    Dark, macabre stuff, Lady Gaga's rah-rah-rah,
    Chainsaws and I'm right behind you,
    Real stuff is going down if I find you...

    But yeah, hey, I'm back once again,
    But hey, yeah, just consider be a friend,
    Stories, raps, heartfelt poetry, and lots of me being hyped up,
    Being banned from debate, but my opinions still get typed up...

    Controversial in a menial way,
    Hopefully here to stay,
    And I know about three or four of you are mean-muggin'
    Meanwhile, I'm biting my lip, strutting, and just shruggin'...

    I ain't here to start no fights, just spread the love,
    But the moment I entered, "Bbl" said the dove,
    Oh well, peace and quiet is just so overrated,
    And it's been ten whole minutes since I... Created...

    Y'nkow... A poem... figured I'd type one up or something <.<