Pray Grace Upon You...

Discussion in 'Fan Poetry' started by RayCaptain, Nov 21, 2012.

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    The Moon
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    Usually I'm all up for smashing rats,
    Stomping feet and baseball bats,
    But this time I think what needs to be done,
    Is the most sincere prayer under the sun...

    One of mercy and life,
    To end your true strife,
    To open your eyes and see things as they are,
    To see reality, from which you are so very far...

    I pray grace upon you, blessings to fill your cup,
    A new presence in your life that will fill you up,
    That hole in your heart, faith to close the gap,
    Because you seem lost, a traveler without a map...

    As much as it pains me to grit my teeth,
    What good does it do my foot to have you beneath?
    None, and I am supposed to be something more,
    To suffer in the way of the Almighty, not petty war...

    Take whatever retribution you will,
    The hole will remain ever still,
    Until you are cleansed in a fire and experience the rain,
    Because no knife is sharp enough to cut out the pain...

    Anger and contempt, the arrow in your soul,
    These are the enemy to the ultimate goal,
    Today I responded in ways I should not,
    A trap was set for me and I got caught...

    So go your way, young one, experience life like we do,
    But I pray upon you, this will hopefully get you through,
    That a pure and righteous will can be done in your time,
    And the beginning of it all to come after this rhyme...
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    Can't Find My Way Home
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    encore, encore! great as always