Powder Keg...

Discussion in 'Fan Poetry' started by RayCaptain, Jan 26, 2013.

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    This one goes out to all the racists and haters,
    Bigots thinly veiled as lonely master debaters,
    This is coming at you straight out of Zion,
    Should've just let bygones be bygones...

    Word on the street is they call the Balkans a powder keg,
    Let me be the one to set a match to it and shake a leg,
    Watch it go up in smoke, watch you go down and choke,
    Make like a tree and get outta here, or make like a frog and croak...

    Now this looks like a job for me,
    Did I just hear the word "controversy",
    Too hot to handle, too trashy to care what is thought,
    And I'm deadlier than any disease your crotch ever caught...

    Maybe your hate ain't no crime, the police won't arrest you,
    And these words may not sting, but they sure might molest you,
    So just back up, back way the hell up and get off the state media,
    Changing history so much it's like I researching Bing or Wikipedia...

    Now I didn't come back to make a scene, to make a splash,
    But this is an itch I gotta scratch, think it might be a rash,
    I'll go visit the doctor soon, put hypodermic needles in both your eyes,
    Maybe put your hand in my front pocket for a little surprise...

    No wait, don't do that, just put on this dress and lay on the bed,
    I promise, no really, these pictures won't go up on the web,
    Pillage and plunder and burn your town like an Ottoman,
    And when I'm done, give your parents the back of this hand...

    Off into the sunset I go,
    That's it, the end of the show,
    Curtain call, served in the name of conspiracy,
    Don't ever open your mouth again... No, seriously...
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