Planet X

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    A product of my creative writing class today. We were supposed to write a free verse poem, which I found rather difficult (lack of experience). 'Planet X' is close to being a final draft, but I still may tinker around with length and the words a bit. Let me know what needs work :)

    “Planet X”

    There lies a planet cold and remote,
    quietly orbiting one faint and solitary star.
    Secluded in the darkness of an infinite space,
    this planet observes our troubled little world.

    On the planet harmless bets are waged,
    conjuring the speculated Armageddon of earth.
    To them, we are but a simple jest,
    the reality of the problem purely fictitious.

    They notice our faults swifter than ourselves,
    and they account it to our cruel and mad nature.
    Our pain and suffering are quite evident,
    but they remain still, wearing an ill grin.

    Eventually earth will murder itself,
    The planet will laugh in sour amusement.
    Little will they reflect upon our destruction,
    It will be but another world lost.