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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Tomorrow I race again
    Seven am is that moment when
    A race that starts and the seconds begin to tick
    To finish before your body quits is the trick

    15 miles of up hill hell
    A challenging race can't you tell?
    The chance for a fourth medal in my running season
    For glory and for the rush that is my reason

    I train year round to achieve success
    As my life often seems a mess
    So I find peace here as I run alone at the my gym
    The chance of me finishing this race pain free is grim

    Many miles I run for peace and relaxation, not for fun
    To run away from the things that eat at me when I'm with no one
    Every time I finish I know with my health issues the odds are against me
    What I do even healthy is hard, this is not what I am supposed to be

    As many who no longer walk
    Others lost the ability to talk
    Through it all I march this battle with no future in sight
    Just trying to last as long as I can with all my might

    At five am my alarm will go off with much noise
    As I will get dressed and gather all my stuff with poise
    Stretch and eat as much as I can
    Knowing with in this athlete there is a very sick man

    I'm not just racing tomorrow
    I am racing against time that I do not have left to borrow
    With in my mind I know I have done a lot in my life
    Yet there is a void of a special girl to be one day my wife

    The training, vitamins and supplements can do only so much
    As every year I slowly lose the ability to think and touch
    I give my all to everyone and in everything
    All I see are these medals and accomplishments that keep coming

    So I shall run another race
    Not caring really where I place
    Knowing my best will be good enough, in sports of course
    Everything else I feel like I fail living with regret and remorse