Partial review on Windlass Mercenary

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    The full review will be on in a few weeks. This is only part of the review, I feel it is only fair to post it in its entirety at the actual place when it is due.

    Museum Replicas Mercenary Sword
    A hands-on review by Aaron Justice


    Windlass Steelcrafts, under direction of Museum Replicas, has crafted a sword very similar to the design of Boromir’s, with some notable changes. This is also the first hollow ground blade Windlass has produced.

    Many people do not like the prospect of a hollow ground blade. If done improperly, the edges become far too thin to accept any high level of impact, causing the edge to dull quickly or even chip. A hollow grind allows for much cleaner cuts, the thinner geometry of the cutting edge allows it to pass more freely through the target than a thicker flat ground blade. This is purely in principle however, many swords that feature hollow grinding, such as a small sword, may not have cutting edges at all.

    Measurements and Specifications:

    3 pounds, 4 ounces

    Overall length:
    39 1/4 inches

    Blade length:
    32 inches

    Blade width:
    2 1/2 inches tapering to 1 inch

    Grip and pommel length:
    7 1/2 inches

    Guard width:
    8 1/2" inches

    Point of Balance:
    4 inches from guard

    Center of Percussion:
    21 1/2 inches from guard

    Replica created by Museum Replicas Limited of Georgia.

    Purchase price: $175.00 US

    Handling Characteristics

    When I first swung the sword, I noticed a slight waving in the blade. But after swinging it several more times it did not repeat. Perhaps my grip was slightly off and the flat of the blade “dragged” in the wind, causing the blade to bend, but after trying to recreate the effect I was unable to.

    Gripping the sword with two hands is needless as far as speedy handling goes, but it does help for the increased strength of the two handed blow. But as the sword is hollow ground, and not exactly meant for hard impacts, doing this might not be recommended.

    Fit and Finish
    The blade has a standard Windlass finish, just barely under that of a mirror polish. The fuller is executed well, with only some slight waviness in the last 2/3rds. Any imperfections can be overlooked at the swords price range. The hollow ground edges are even better finished than the fuller, and the reflecting light makes the hollow grind obvious.

    Hammer marks are visible when you hold the blade into a light source, but the high level of grinding helps finish it better than a standard flat ground blade. This sword would be a ferocious cutter if sharpened. I’ve scared myself a few times when I ran my hand against the edge, even though it is unsharpened the edge geometry tricks me into thinking I just injured myself with it. To sharpen it would not require any substantial removal of steel, just some quick strokes with a sharpening stone might give it a keen edge.

    The pommel and crossguard are antiqued brass. The casting job is impressive, there are very few bumps and flaws on it. The cross looks a bit too thin to block a heavy blow, it looks as if it could snap if it gets caught by a blade. The original sword was done with steel, which is much stronger than brass at that thickness.

    Especially when you consider the price, this sword can be considered a bargain for those who do not compare it to higher end blades like Albion Armorers.
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    Sweet, this (and possibly the WIndlass Ranger at the same time) will be my first functional sword purchase once my bank account recovers from my USA trip.....
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    Yah, I'm looking at this or potentially a albion squire line for my first functional sword...just out of curiosity... Justice, when do you think you will post the full review...because it's been several weeks and i didn't see it over at earlier rush just curious to read the full review...
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    I'm thinking of purchasing an albion squire also as my first sword. I will probably also purchase a dagger and bow. What do you recommend?