Part of my world is gone

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    It's been days since I have received a message from you
    Since Saturday night darling it's true
    Been too long since I heard your voice, it's not my choice
    I'm trying to hang on with patience and poise

    Every day I hope for some communication
    From you I seem like I'm in isolation
    No good mornings or good nights
    There were never arguments or fights

    So what the hell did I do for this to go wrong?
    Was it not meant to be all along?
    These words I hate to say or feel
    Sometimes the truth can never heal

    I hope things are better soon
    As every minute and second slips past noon
    I went home early today because of what I did yesterday
    On the go, working and stressed all day

    The heart cannot take the level of expectation
    With little rest I fall apart with little explanation
    At night I really wanted to turn to you
    To make my day better and make me not blue

    Again I'm forced on this path alone
    Near this blue phone
    That rarely rings in the night
    I'm crashing like a kite

    What am I supposed to do?
    If I end up losing you?
    There is no one else worth my time
    My world stops on a dime

    My heart was open for you
    I feel that gate closing it's true
    To block off the rest of the world again
    Oh how I remember when I was ten