Out of my Throat...

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    Not where I wanna be
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    Clawing, right out of my insides,
    Crawling, to face the rising tides,
    Dying, just to be alive again,
    Saved by another's blood in my vein...

    Can't do it alone, so someone is by my side,
    Unable to stand without a personal guide,
    So now it comes screaming out of my eyes,
    A shell filled with decay and swarms of flies...

    The beauty of it all starts to fade,
    Loveliness is now just another wicked shade,
    But it feels so good to be alive,
    Tearing my own flesh just to survive...

    This isn't the me I used to know,
    But that me died so long ago,
    So fill this empty shell with a special light,
    Guiding other through the darkest night...

    Even in life, let me do some good,
    The way that I know I should,
    Not evanescent or fleeting,
    But a heart of constant beating...

    Out of my eyes, show them the way,
    From my tears, they come to stay,
    Out of my throat, a new kind of life,
    From my cries, one without strife...

    And it feels so good to sit alone in the dark,
    When evil knows your bite is worse than your bark,
    A man possessed, rocked in a cradle of flesh,
    I fall tenderly asleep while the wicked thresh...

    Slipping into the warmth of turmoil,
    My blood now begins to boil,
    The heat of it all lets out a pleasant glow,
    Skyscrapers set alight with people burning below...

    The envy of the world, a well of peace,
    To let go is to hold on, find true release,
    The last of my pain leaves me now,
    Slumped over a table, my final bow...