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    Would it be acceptable to recruit members into my Dwarven Darkfall guild? I find this to be an excellent community to find fellow dwarves.
    Here is what our guild is all about.
    Longest standing and oldest of all dwarven clans for Darkfall Online, and indeed among the most well established of all clans, the Anvil is accepting new members by web application for the first time in three years to gear for the impending beta and release of the game. Daring to embody all that is stereotypical of dwarven pride, we staunchly adhere to the principles of brotherhood, bellicosity, and booze. We are both merchant and warrior, both economist and strategist, and uphold our love of money as dearly as our love of victory. May your mettle be tempered by passion, and may your minds be dulled only by the mightiest of brews, you who would seek to call yourself dwarf.
    Are you familiar with the term "Guild Drama"? If not, it refers to the taint of emotional outbursts, opinionated rants, and the general uncomfortable feeling everyone gets when some one acts like an emotionally unstable harlot. Having familiarized yourself with this idea, forget it. Not because we outright squash its existence, but because we do not promote the causes of it, Guild Drama is all but nonexistant in the Anvil Society. Though I suppose age and maturity have a bit to do with it, our take on maturity has always been a tad askew. We are primarily a clan of adults, our leadership is made up of career minded people with families ranging from their mid twenties to early forties, and our membership's average age falls in the mid-twenties. We don't directly "ask" anything of our members, we merely recruit mature members and let them police their selves.

    The Anvil has a great deal of philosophies it embodies, like any group of people, but our greatest strengths are what we contest to be our deviation from the status quo in the world of MMO gaming. It is our assertion that the greatest hindrance to success in MMO clans across the board is the declination of humility in favor of bloated egos, self-importance, and irresponsibility. It's easy for many people, particularly when given a soap box to stand on in front of other gamers, to allow themselves to develop arrogance, self-righteousness, and take games too seriously... however it isn't the mere act of taking things seriously we find fault in, but taking the wrong things seriously. Games are just games, and the personal accomplishments of leaders and clan officers are nothing more than a collection of temporal trophies in a virtual world. To prioritize and revere these acts above the duty to everyone who made it possible is not only selfish, it's undermining to the whole notion of what a clan is about. Fun? Sure, but more specifically the combined efforts of many proving themselves to be better than the other poor son of a bitch they just ground into the dirt under their collective heel.

    We aren't here to dictate the behavior of our members, deify ourselves, or complicate our purpose with aggrandized philosophy about importance. We offer security, stability, a true economy, and opportunity... it's up to our members to decide how they use it. Unlike the great majority of clans out there organized around communal despotic pillars, the Anvil is a pragmatic, functioning society where each individual is far more sovereign than a member of a tribal "clan".
    Why We're Different:
    We've been around the block a few times, and through thick and thin, we've proven that we're here to stay. Our numbers, our organization, our camaraderie, and our proven resolve are all testaments to our past success and future potential. Being a part of the Anvil is being a part of a laissez-faire organization with the professionalism to be competitive, but the utter respect for individuality to remain fun for the player. It is a system of mutual respect and admiration, one which has garners uniform praise from all of our members, and the great majority of onlookers.

    We have always had a bent towards economic manipulation and control in MMOs where it is allowed. Given a robust and functional in-game economy we will be at the forefront of resource control, trade, and global market manipulation. Organized PvP is tailored specifically for each game environment. Darkfall's particular game mechanics have thus far convinced us to err on the side of privatized militaries to a great degree.

    Our clan social hierarchy revolves around the principle of compartmentalization and feudal nationalism. Our sub-clans, themselves, are capable of functioning as their own autonomous units, who may in the future inhabit clanstones or other build locations. Formerly being independent clans, these sub-clans have a great deal of individuality and unique flavor which is a strength in our system of organization rather than a weakness. We are very encouraging of self-starting and personal ownership of assets in games. Whereas the bulk of old system clans in existence today horde power and centralize ownership of assets, we are firm believers in allowing our members to experience all aspects of gameplay for themselves, and pursue individual profit rather than purely collectivist agendas.

    The Society of the Anvil is foremost a nation of brotherhood and humility which shuns arrogance and meddlesome bickering while promoting unity through understanding. Ours is a unique environment where the freedom loving rough-and-tumble attitudes of even the most offensive and crass mouth are welcome alongside the in-depth dissertations of qualified and educated sociologists and philosophers. One need only respect one's own self to feel at home in the Anvil, for disrespecting others only amounts to sticks and stones. Together, these principles have all but buried the notion of "drama" and "serious business" from our establishment... and that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

    Society of the Anvil
    Races: Dwarf, Human
    Ages: 17+
    Website: Anvil Society - The Book of Steel
    Clan Lore: Tome of History
    Application: Application Page

    Sub Clans:

    [​IMG]The Drunken Beggar Clan
    The beggars are, well, drunken beggars. Built on the hopes
    of establishing an economic base in true street-urchin fashion, the
    DBC is the ideal choice for dwarves and humans looking to exercise
    their penchant for humor and creativity in battle. Their recruitment
    thread can be found here, and their forums here. The DBC
    accepts Humans and Dwarves as members, and applications may
    be accepted via the main Anvil application page, or on the DBC
    The thelemites are a group of forum trolls and unscrupulous
    rapscallions who believe in what amounts to anarchy and
    hedonism. They're in it for the lulz, so to speak. They allow
    Humans and Dwarves as members, and focus primarily on
    battlefield interdiction and less direct forms of combat such
    as stealth, resource and convoy raiding, and waylaying.
    Applying to Thelema may also be accomplished through
    the primary Anvil application page.
    The Slade sub-clan represents traditional MMO warfare
    management and organization, specializing in first-strike
    units and siege management. Their leader, Savant, is a
    veteran competitive FPS and RTS gamer with strong
    leadership experience in EVE Online under one of the most
    successful and longstanding corporations in the game.
    Members seeking to indulge in warfare almost exclusively
    should consider joining Slade, which can be applied for
    at the primary Anvil application page.
    Forums: http://forums.anvilsociety.com Refer TangerineSky