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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Again I open my eyes today
    Relieved but surprised in a way
    My recklessness almost done me in last night
    Because my week and my life has not went right

    Yes I take those pills and drink like no tomorrow
    Thinking at least for now I can block out my sorrow
    I am addicted to escaping my life
    Several times almost ending it with a knife

    All these things are true
    When you are miserable like me, this is what you do
    Until the end eventually comes at your door
    Yet I do this anyway knowing what is in store

    I know my life is not supposed to be this way
    But things happen and the thoughts do not go away
    All I ever wanted to be
    Is peaceful, happy and feel free

    Yet darkness seems to take control
    Eating at my very soul
    My heart beats so fast
    From stress, addictions and my past

    How in the hell am I suppose to last?, when I feel so empty inside
    As I seem to seclude myself and find a place to hide
    This is why I rely on things to take it all away
    So I can somehow make it through another day

    I feel my time is running out as long I remain in this mental state
    Honestly I believe this is my fate
    Knowing every book and every story I write can be my last
    Life is slipping by pretty fast