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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Why can't I take my life?
    With this very knife?
    I wish not to live anymore
    Yet I am stuck here forever more

    Let this end right now
    Maybe I can find peace away somehow
    Heaven or hell I don't care
    This world is not fair

    I'm so close as I feel the blade
    Willing to end my life's crusade
    The dead tell me no
    It is not my time to go

    What am I to do that is so great?
    As I am doomed a lonely and dark fate
    Nothing is ever meant to be
    Not even me

    So let me end this before life gets worse
    Since I am living in a curse
    My eyes burn and yearn for rest
    As emotionally I am again put to the test

    I feel like I am dying anyway so what the hell
    I have too many things I cannot speak of or tell
    Living In a corner or in a room with no door
    So why am I supposed to keep living for?

    God you will never answer me or show me the way
    As I fall apart in this world so bland and grey
    People keep leaving me and I am expected to be strong
    You take enough pieces of the puzzle away it crashes, you knew all along

    I am a building that has not crashed yet
    No one or thing can save me, so living I do really regret