On the brink of something

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I have energy that most do not possess
    Strength and endurance many lack but do not confess
    Speed is something for the very few
    Fitness seems to be less of a priority, I know this is true

    Late at night I am usually feeling dead
    Ready for bed
    As my condition has taken a toll on me
    Since Monday results are different, this I see

    As I study and research for the next thing
    Not sure what the future will bring
    I have stumbled across another supplement to take
    It's good for you, no risk and nothing at stake

    No I will not share my findings at all
    Because this is for me I recall
    The same supplements that make me foggy in the head
    Are limiting the effects of a condition I have that pushes me to the red

    There is no cure but I am treating it my own way
    Thinking and brain storming every day
    It has helped me at the gym improving my ability at lifting weights
    To stay at my fitness level I will do what ever it takes

    I feel the rush of adrenaline and testosterone in my soul
    For once I feel I am in control
    In the hottest month of the year I am feeling better
    A miracle as I usually wear down like faded leather