Of things that could be

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    As I wait to see you again ever so patiently
    The continuous thoughts of you have grown on me
    Finally seeing you today became a reality
    I really like you, can't you see?

    As we have spoke of love
    That was created from the creator high above
    It is a word that means so much from the heart
    Though it feels like we felt this way almost right from the start

    Am I worried?, my answer is no
    Because when we first hugged I didn't want to let you go
    Our first kiss was also today
    As I crave more for another day

    Still I don't believe I have told you how much you mean to me
    In time you will find out eventually
    Kinda weird but I am not rushing this at all
    Yet I am falling for you at a record pace I recall

    Everything thing I feel
    I know is real
    As everyday my feelings for you seem to grow
    Just letting you know

    I temporarily close my eyes
    Only to realize
    What I been looking for could be someone like you
    May this stay true

    To me you are still beautiful
    In fact quite wonderful
    Sexy just the way you are
    This evening was one of the best I have had this year by far